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  • Staining Craft Fair Nr Blackpool

    I Have Walked Through Poulton Home For My Lunch, Noticing Posters For A Craft Fair On Sunday 9th July.
    With Hand Decorated Pots.
    So What You Might Say.

    I Do Decorated Plant-pots With Serviettes And Did My First Fair With Them, And Was Quite Surprised When She Bought 6 Of My Pots.i Then Got A Letter With The List Of Fairs That I Could Do With Them And The Ones That Were Hi-lighted I Could Not.
    As This Letter Then Went On To Say That They Had Been Selling The Pots Before Me.
    Which Is Rather Strange As I Picked It Up From Living In Germany.
    So Now They Have Posters Where I Live Saying "hand Decorated Pots"
    I Have Not Seem Them And Could Be Very Different From Mine, But I Really Wanted To Go And Look At Them. But I Am Doing A Craft Fair My-self So Will Not Be Able To Go.
    I Know People Copy Ideas But I Did Think It Was A Liberty For The Organiser.
    What Does Any-one Else Think???????????
    This Fair Is Run Bt Millenium Crafts Tony And Helen, Whom I Did My First Craft With.

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    I've never done any craft fairs but i think that is shocking, who are they to tell anyone what fairs they can sell at ???

    It sounds as if they have blatantly copied your idea's. What kind of craft fair only allows one person to sell a specific product ? Do they only allow one jewellery seller etc ???

    They are scared of the compedition i think !!!


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      Very suspect I say!! and personally I'd turn up at the first fair you know you'll not be attending with them and your not doing any others, just to see for yourself and if it is what you think, I'd publicly give them a piece of my mind.



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        Unfortunatly, you are not the first person I have heard of in this situation. With all creativity there will always be people who take your ideas and pass them off as their own.
        I can't say that I have never seen an item of jewellery in a shop and then gone home and created my own version of it.
        It sound's really stupid of these people to do something on your home turf.
        You could sell yours with "the original......." and put something about poor quality imposters! It'll make a talking point!!
        I don't think that legally you willl have a comeback, but there is something called intellectual property which is recognised in law.
        Don't go down without a huge fight!!
        full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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          Why don't you get a friend or family memeber to book a table and sell your pots ? There must be some way round it !!!


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            Originally posted by Sticky Nicky
            Why don't you get a friend or family memeber to book a table and sell your pots ? There must be some way round it !!!

            Brilliant idea!!!
            full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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              Oh Sue, it sounds terrible! What a cheek! Do try and get someone to go and see for you, if you can't make it.
              I think with jewellery you can add your personal touch, but for the stuff you do, I am not sure as I've seen them and you can't really differ easily I'd think?
              Bead Shop, 91 Liverpool Road, Penwortham, Preston, PR1 0QB, Lancashire. Mon-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat 10am-4pm, Sunday 11am-3pm.


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                Shady Traders


                I believe I know these charlatans, stick to your guns, it is clear they are trading on front and brass neck rather than talent or intellect.

                As far as I am aware there is no law in rival competition and in business fair competition is always welcomed. I believe it to be true that they only allow one craft per event and I suspect some to be thier own stalls under various guises. They clearly have a very strange way of developing business and relationships. They are a small outfit I understand and as such I see no reason why they should feel able to dictate terms of business to others.
                I think this is a great hobby, a great industry and from it comes many relationships, much fun and great business. Lets not let it be spoilt by ungentlemen like behaviour and allow the minority ruin it for the majority.

                If you have a product you are happy with and you have interest from people to buy that product as long as no copyright is breached sell away.

                Beat them at their own game. Good luck

                Keep us all informed


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