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  • Arthritus

    Not a fun subject but do any of yuo worry about the effects craft could have on your hands.
    Whenever I do small detaile work my hands ache a bit, it makes me think il get arthritus.

    Does this happen to any of you?
    Is there anything I can do to stop/delay it?

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    I've had osteo arthritis for years - I'm 53 - new knee, waiting for bits etc., but you learn to adapt. Matisse had arthritic hands, and strapped the brush to his wrists. Fortunately, arthritis doesn't usually hit overnight, you get time to get used to coping. At the moment I'm making earrings with my middle finger in a splint - one of the joys of snapping tendons!


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      good diet, fish oil omega 3, etc, good exercise etc, can help.... but if it's goona get you it is pre~ordained.
      Hands do get achey when doing repetative tasks and that is why you should take frequent breaks. Change your working position, stand up and walk around so that your circulation has a chance to flow without restriction etc.
      I must say though, that although I know the advice well I am a fanatical beader and given the chance will come back from the school run and then sit and bead. I just need a catheter and an Intravenous infussion and I could sit forever!! (until it's time to do the school run again!)
      full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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        I don't know if I have the starts of Atheritis or not but my hands ache after working with my chainmaille and they feel fat and clumbsy at times.

        Like Beadsbydesigne I have a tendency to continue to work until things are taken out of my hands

        What is it ...... A lobour of love or love to labour!!


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          i have RSD, basically every time that something touches my effected areas (or any sensation, inc v light vibrations) it's agony, so I understand how ifficult it can be with arthritis to craft. Becuse of this, I can only do a little bit at a time. It's all about pacing yourself.
          Nattelie xx