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What is your current favourite craft?

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  • What is your current favourite craft?

    Mine is foil embossing with Art Emboss and jewellery making but it does change quite frequently! Whats Yours?

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    Jewellery making definatly comes out at the top of the list. I guess it's a good job really. I am constantly learning new skills. The current new love is wire wrapping.
    I also love painting huge canvas' with acrylics, I love to create mood with paint. I am not a structural fan. I just love moving colour around and pushing it to the limit!
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      Not really a 'craft' but my favourite thing at the moment (having just moved my craft room) is looking through all my stuff and getting very excited about all the things I'd forgotten I'd bought. Just found some mini wooden flowerpots (originally for dolls houses) so I'm going to get my hacksaw out to cut them in half and put them on the front of cards with flowers in!
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        mines jewellery and lampworking, there's something about melting glass and turning it into beads.


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          mine is definitely jewellery making at the moment - I've spent at least 3 hours making a posh evening necklace today and loved it when it came together (although my thumb is sore from gripping beads and bending eyepins for so long!)

          I would dearly love to be able to paint landscapes in acrylics and oils - I'm forever seeing originals in botany bay and wish I had such talent! If I had the money I'd buy them too!!! Maybe this is something I will take up in the future....

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            Makimg jewelery, beads, eyepins, my heads gone spinny!
            I think the main thing I like is buying the beads and waiting for them to turn up.After that I panic at thinking about the best way to use the beads to their best use.


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