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  • I made a discovery

    I found a wool shop in my town and i just got paid £11 of my weekly measly pay of £50 has gone on wool. Dont tell the OH!! They are such pretty colours!
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    I won't tell him if you don't.

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      I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who buys crafty things then has to "hide" them from hubby lol


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        OH's don't need to know that kind of thing!!!!!! Our local Craft/Art shop had a one day half price on a lot of things on Wednesday. I got loads of card and papers and peeloffs and I paid £12 50, it should have been £25!!!!! How pleased was I? Only thing is I have spent a fortune on lovely stuff just lately and today some Rubber stamps arrived that I had sent to America for. I'd forgotten I'd spent that too!!!!!!! Never mind, it keeps me out of mischief and I'm sure OH will be pleased about that! Sue xx


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          I have to hide my bank statements if I go near a fabric shop.
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            i know!!! Its terrible isnt it!! I dont get paid till Tue and i just spent the last of the shopping money in Hobby Craft !!! Oh well, we'll be eating out the freezer. Just hope the OH doesnt ask for anything special he he



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              It's true! I have my own craft savings account that hubby doesn't have access to! I use it for all the little things he doesn't agree with... Like the new badge maker that I'm going to buy soon!


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                A little crazy...

                I think we can all go a little crazy sometimes when it comes to purchasing goodies, I am a sucker when it comes to hand made papers.

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                  Yes we all have our secret stashes! Every now and then my OH notices the fabric mountain and makes comments like, "but where does it all come from?" Then I have to either; a) ignore him and pretend I didn't hear or b) lie and tell him it's been donated or it cost me 50p for a gazillion yards in Help the Aged!
                  I'm sure your wool was well worth it! Don't forget to post some pics of the things you make with it!
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                    Am I the only one that doesn't have to hide stuff??

                    I'm really lucky in that I do all the buying for our stall so when something arrives that I really like I can quite reasonably argue that "I'm going to make something nice"

                    But what he doesn't realise is that I accidently "forget" about the stuff for weeks and only bring them out to play when he's submerged in the garage drilling stones so he often has no idea that I've kept what I've made . . . . . . until I wear it of course then i get the usual comment of "STOCK!!!!!" But by that time its too late cos I've aready worn it.

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