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Inspiration - are you a morning or night time person?

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  • Inspiration - are you a morning or night time person?

    I thought I'd post this question out to you all as I'm sure I'm not the only one!

    I seem to get all my design/ideas and inspiration at about 11pm at night, I'm not sure if has something to do with the fact that the rest of the household are finally in bed and I've got some time to myself or whether I am just doomed to be laying there and wishing I had my sketchbook in my hand. (Yes, I have tried it!)

    So my question to you all is - when do YOU get your inspiration??


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    I get my inspiration mainly when I'm doing mundane tasks,.i.e the hoovering or the ironing (lol can you tell I hate housework).
    But I tend to be mulling ideas over most of the time," will these colours work together, would I be able to incorporate that in my pieces " etc...
    I do write myself little notes but then lose the note !

    I really need to be organized !!
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      Hello i know exactly what you mean!!!! Its like during the day im struggling to come up with ideas and then BAM at 10pm onwards im and the ideas come thick and fast. I do find myself thinking about my projects all the time though, as regards colours, etc.
      Lady Lora


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        I'm definitely a night time person and I also find once the kids are in bed, I can relax and let my imagination go. But I never seem to get round to making all these wonderful creations I have in my head. It seems they'll stay in there forever.


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          My best inspiration for my jewellery comes after midnight on the eve of a craft fair when I desperately need to make more to fill my stall. Everything suddenly falls into place, and I get one idea after another. Then it is a case of trying to decide whether to carry on creating or get some much needed sleep.
          Generally though, I get inspiration at all times, from something I have seen on the net or round someone's neck. Even looking at clothes in shop windows.
          Otherwise just getting out my beads and playing with threading them in different combinations will inspire something.



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            although im an early riser i do get most of my ideas when im trying to get to sleep they just pop in my head i now have an ideas book which i write down what im thinking just so i can switch my brain of and get some sleep
            Jan xx



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              im the same!!! I get most of my ideas just as im about to fall asleep. But then iv forgotten them by the morning. Must write them down! And i also get ideas while browsing in bead shops. The past few nights iv even been dreaming about beads!!! Whats that all about ! ha ha



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                I am the opposite and get all my ideas first thing in the morning, I used to drive my late husband mad talking about the meaning of life at 7 am.
                Chris W.
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                  I have to see what goodies are available or else nothing happens in my head.
                  usually when i have a think about things I have ideas in the evening and jot them down.


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                    I think I am like the majority....night time is my best time but I do take a lot of inspiration from my customers. They may have an idea which is usually very nice then I adapt it by adding something more to it.
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                      Im another that needs the items in front of me and i fiddle and suddenly something has been made lol.
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                        Originally posted by SNOWF1975 View Post
                        The past few nights iv even been dreaming about beads!!! Whats that all about ! ha ha
                        Welcome to the club!

                        "Your name is Snowf1975 and you are a beadaholic!"

                        I'm definitely a night owl (you can tell that from the late times I'm usually on the forum). I usually start around 10 pm and can work until it starts getting light. Often hubby will come downstairs at stupid o'clock and make me put things down and go to bed.

                        When I do make things during the day (when I'm on the market) its usually a commission piece or someone wants something there and then and once I get started I can make several pieces.

                        Its not often I get inspiration just from looking/fiddling with my beads (sounds a bit rude that - hehehe). When I buy them I tend to just stash them for a few weeks and then suddenly I'll spot more beads and think "they'd go perfectly with those......." and thats when I start.

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                          um mid morning.. or mid afternoon.. I'm not a morning person at all.. I freely admit to being a total grump and ever so slightly evil first thing in the morning before I have had coffee... but I'm usually quite busy and inspired around ten or 11 ish.. and 3 of 4 in the afternoon... right before i make a mad dash to clean the house and start tea so I look busy when my husband and son get home.

                          only ocassionally do I feel inspired to work in the evenings..
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                            I have ideas all the time - in fact I got one today when putting salt into the dishwasher - long story but my trousers split badly so I thought I could use the fabric for chickens and a new idea for chicken doorstops came into my head. I have an ideas book (recycled and made by me naturally!) that I carry around everywhere in my handbag so I can strike while the iron's hot!
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                              how is it with me ha...

                              I get thousands and thousands of ideas during the day time, doing things at home or going to places where I can`t write them down...

                              I don`t know why but being in the church to contemplate my head starts working straight away but most creative time is really after 9pm when kids are in bed, hubby almost sleeping but funny enough all the things I had on my mind - disappeared

                              and that is all - I definitely need to get more organized and keep a book in my bag to write everything down when it comes...
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