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  • Heeeellp!!

    Hoorah, I made a sale, then noticed the buyer is in the Netherlands!!

    So Im gona check postage tomorrow and let him know if Im gona increase the cost to him(it says on my site I only post to UK).

    A paypal question.How do I refund the money(which Im happy to do)if he decides not to go ahead?

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    Hi Seahorse

    If you want to check postage to the Netherlands just go to Royal Mail's site and enter the weight of the item to be posted.

    For a Paypal refund, login to your PP account, find the transaction, click on details and scroll down. You'll find Issue Refund near the bottom.

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      Your a diamond, thanks for the pp info.

      Yep, just been on RM site(had to register!!!!)got some prices.If i read it right it doesnt seem too bad.
      Then again i dont know how much the item weighs so I could be completely out.

      Anyhoo, Il package it up and get a price for the customer and go from there.

      Thanks again.

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        You can check postage on Paypal too, if thats how the customer has paid.
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          Ooooh you've gone international daaarling Congrats on your latest order.

          I should imagine you'll be fine as I'd be amazed if it costs more to send than the P&P charged on your site, most of my european parcels cost about £3.20 and they'd be far heavier than your jewellery - don't go emailing him to offer to cancel just send it out and quit worrying
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            Originally posted by Muddle Jewellery View Post
            You can check postage on Paypal too, if thats how the customer has paid.
            Yes and you can also buy the ''stamp'' too! I've been tryong for ebay purchases and it prints the ''stamp'' on A4 paper, the clever bit is that they don't tell you which labels to buy, so I've been printing on paper and sellotaping it on the envelope but it seems there is only one size label anyhow.

            Seahorse, I guess you'll have to choose the option ''small packets'' for Netherlands and up to 100g it's £1.24. The size doesn't matter, unlike in the UK.
            On a customer service point of view, if the difference is small, it might not be worth asking for the extra money as this will be another paypal transaction and it'll be eaten by the fees. A refund, as explained is very easy to do.

            Well done on the sale!!
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              Whoooooo - international seller now!! The price difference shouldn't be much different to the UK or I've certainly found that when sending my items out anyway.
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                Thanks guys.

                I was very surprised to find there was only a small price increase, only a matter of pence so I didnt charge any extra.

                Ooh, I love that feeling of something being bought and seeing the payapl digits getting bigger.


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                  The customer replied giving me really nice positive feedback.
                  Only took 3 days to get there which seems good.


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