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  • Cheap display Ideas

    Just saw a thread about displaying jewellery and asking for ideas...
    Thought I would start my own thread for everyone to share their own cheap and cheerful display methods, as it is often something which can 'eat in to ' any profits to be made...

    I make cards and at my first recent stall, found a great way of displaying my cards...I had previously had shoe boxes suggested to me, although I have found that these can be too high and therfore lead to people bending the cards over to see the ones behind......

    the solution: I recently bought a large cutlery set from Makro, which came in a large grey tray with four curved sections...this was great for using while making cards.....I took this further by going to a local catering supplier and buying 4 [email protected] £2 each +vat

    For around the £10 mark, I now have easy display trays for my cards, which allows me to section them into relevant themes and they are easy to lift and sit beautifully in my car boot...

    I have also invested in an artists easel from a well known high street catalogue shop...only £14 and this enables me to display my wedding stationery boards at a good height for people to see....

    The cutlery trays have to be my best adaptatin to date

    Anyone else have any good ideas???

    Please post what you use, what for and how you came up with the unusual idea.....(behind every invention is a good story!!

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    I'd like some ideas on necklace display please if anyone can help?


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      I think I may have posted this before, I think these things look really nice;

      Cut a circle of card (I used a dinner plate as my template)

      Cut from one edge to the centre

      Overlap these edges, so you get a cone

      secure with double sided tape

      and...... ta da.......[email protected]/2591879353/

      You can stitch around bottom to make it look a little bit special

      I also made the earring displays at the back (in case you didn't guess that)
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        How do I post images then?

        I am a big numpty! how is it that I can't post images?


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          My only 'cheap trick' so far is to buy a double or king sized bed sheet to lay over your table, instead of expensive fabric.

          It only cost me £3.99 in a cheapy shop to get a huuuge golden yellow bedsheet to display my jewellery on, and the bright colour seems to stand out a little and attract people too.

          Oh, I asked / nagged darling OH to make me some plyboard open backed boxes to add a bit of height at the back of the stand, instead of buying some. I need to cover them in some fabric through, when I get round to it!

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            tut tut......we don't nag..............we repeatedly request until we get what we want

            I bought some wire desk tidies - the sort you use to hold message pads etc to display some of my larger cards. They were only a couple of pounds each in the sale in WH Smiths

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              I found an old leather suitcase at a boot sale for next to nothing i just relined it and pile things in it it gives lots of height and people love to spend time seeing whats in there !!
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                I use a cheap stainless steel mug tree to hang necklaces/bracelets from. A couple of quid from The Range.

                I cover the table with a couple of metres of velveteen material from the market.

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                  I use cheap wooden pictures easels to display my handmade cards- 49p from ikea. They do the trick and also cheap. People allways comments on how effect they are.

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                    For my first ever craft fair I was panicking because I wanted some stainless steel baskets but could not afford to buy anything as all my money had gone on surplies for the fair. Later as I was preparing our evening meal I saw the perfect think - my stainless steel veg rack, and it had three baskets and whats more it could stand in front of the stall leaving more room on the table. I also use a stainless Steel Mug Tree for hanging my Clamshell melts from.

                    Also check out charity shops and school/church fetes you will be amazed at what you can find



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                      I use my chrome mug tree to hang mobile phone charms on, works a treat. Also have an oblong cardboard box which I put at the back of my table and cover with a piece of black velvet, it adds height and only I know its a cardboard box! Selina


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                        The lady that we were next to at a recent craft market had a nice idea (she sold jewellery by the way). She had some cocktail or martini glasses, which she draped her bracelets and necklaces over. It looked really effective.


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                          Upside-down cereal, fruit or mixing bowls covered or draped in fabric make good necklace busts. Polystyrene packaging covered in fabric is light and will take pins. I have a corner piece from my washing machine which I lay on the table like ^ to drape jewellery across.
                          I have also seen apples and oranges on a stall with a bracelet circled on top of each one.
                          Place name holders ( the ones like a tall stick with a clip on the top ) are great for price signs or details. The charity shops often have them for about 25p - 50p each.
                          The portable clothes hanging rails are great for bags or any fabric crafts. They can even be used as a backdrop with a tab top curtain and bits pinned onto them.



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                            Originally posted by Pebbles View Post
                            How do I post images then?

                            I am a big numpty! how is it that I can't post images?
                            I think you might need to upload your pics to a hosting site like photobucket and then cut and paste the code in here. Well, i think that what you need to do????? I dont think i am allowed to pust pics yet as im a newbie



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                              Yes you can snow your past your 25th posting.
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