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Cheap to make craft ideas for boys Age 12-13

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  • Cheap to make craft ideas for boys Age 12-13

    I`ve been asked to run a craft day at the School where I work. I`ve been allocated Year 8. My "speciality" is textile type things but I can see that this will not really appeal to boys of that age!

    Some of the boys may like to make cards but I`m really stuck for cheap to make ideas that boys will enjoy doing.

    Airfix and that sort of thing is expensive and I`ll be doing this on a shoe string as is generally the case in school!

    If anyone can help with ideas, I`d appreciate it!

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    They are hard to please at that age aren't they? My son is coming up 12 and apart from his favourite sport all his other interests seem to involve electronics of one sort or another. As you mainly work with textiles I can only suggest getting them to make some kind of cover/bag for their psp/ds/i-pod or mobile phone. Otherwise I'm stumped!


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      what about paper mache? or balsa wood model making? or making picture frames etc .................ideas from my 13 year old son

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        You can always do a stained glass (only with paper) card or picture. Stick coloured tisse paper onto acetate, one or two thicknesses of it-with pva. That can then be mounted onto card or paper with a stencilled picture cut out from it-it looks quite effective and the boys will love the messiness of it.
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          Tie dying

          How about tye dying or decorating a t-shirt.
          Good luck


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            what about making keyrings from shrink plastic if they have an oven you can put it on you can get pre-printed shrinkies or if you have rubber stamping gear they could stamp there own im not sure if this would work out too exspensive or not
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              Thanks everso everyone.

              Some of the ideas I`ve never even heard of so will pootle off and investigate!

              Thanks again,



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                Door hangers? Decent white card which can either be covered or painted and then drawn on??

                Sorry, missed this thread before!


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                  A good idea Tip!

                  I`m just worried about the slogans soem of these lads would want to put on their door hangers.......I`d have to set rules!!!!!!!


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                    Customising Clothing & Accessories

                    How about using motifs and stitching, beads etc to embellish and customise shop bought clothing... perhaps it could turn out a little expensive though but would give them their own unique style - which it seems everyone is looking for...


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                      A pamphlet binding

                      How about binding a simple book of blank pages, with a hand decorated cover.

                      Take 10 sheets of A4 and a thicker piece of card for the cover.

                      Fold paper and cover in half to make an A5 booklet and sew down the middle with ribbon or thick thread.

                      The kids could decorate the cover of their own booklet.

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                        How about making and decorating paper aeroplanes and then having races. My children (one is 14) love to see who can make the best one and fly the furthest. One of the best planes we found is on my website in the paper and card projects section called 'the ultimate'. There is a link to my website in my signature below.
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                          Too late now I would imagine, but used stamps soaked off the envelopes can be used to cover a lot of things. I've done pencil pots at school using cut down pringles tubs or loo rolls (cut slits a little way up, flatten them out and stick to a circle of card). They could also cover books, make keepsake boxes using junk etc. Does require a bit of stamp collecting first!

                          The paper planes idea is really good - our art teacher did it - too bad they were testing them in the library while I was working in there!



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                            How about getting a bicycle inner tube, and sticking it to a sheet of A4 paper, with christmas tinsle on it


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                              Originally posted by Fred_the_potter View Post
                              How about getting a bicycle inner tube, and sticking it to a sheet of A4 paper, with christmas tinsle on it
                              Now I'm SURE you're a troll! Well, at least you're a relatively amusing one, I suppose...

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