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woohoo I sold some jewellery!!

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  • woohoo I sold some jewellery!!

    I'm sooo happy - I've managed to get a local gift shop to stock a little bit of my jewellery

    I only approached her yesterday as I was out shopping for something else, and she asked me to take some pieces into her this morning.

    Anyway, the long and short of it is she has taken 2 bracelets, a necklace (which I only finished last night!) and a pair of earrings on sale or return but if they sell in the next couple of weeks she wants to have a regular stock order from me.

    To anyone out there who is thinking of approaching shops - just do it. I was really nervous but once I'd bitten the bullet and asked I felt so much better.

    I'm going to celebrate with a chinese takeaway tonight I think

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    Fantastic news!! Bet you are beyond chuffed!


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      Well done you!! It's a real ego boost to have someone tell you that they want to sell your items, you know that they must really like them and they're not just being polite.

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        Well done you, the first of many for you I hope.
        Enjoy your celebration meal!!!!.
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          thats fab! I'm hoping (fingers crossed) to do the same thing next week when I meet with a local shop owner. Just one question - what percentage is the shop taking?



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            did you email them, or write to them, or phone them or just walk in and speak to them?

            Well done.


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              congratulations hope you have lots of sales and well done for being so brave
              Jan xx



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                Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant ! Well done you !


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                  Well done I hope it is the first of many orders for you. I love to here of people being successful selling the lovely crafts.
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                    Selling in Shops

                    Good luck with your sales, you are right to say just go ahead and approach shops, right now shopkeepers might be glad of sale or return items as trade is down and it saves them buying stock.
                    Chris W.
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                      Well done Claire.

                      Its a great feeling isn't it. I used to have a small cabinet in the local hairdresser's in our village. Didn't sell much cos "it just wasn't what the customers wanted" but I do remember one piece that sold. (Its the picasso jasper and onyx necklace that is in my albums)

                      I was walking in the town centre and a woman I didn't know walked past me wearing it - I know it was mine cos I designed it and used a really large focal bead that was one of a kind. I really wanted to go up to her and tell her that I'd made it but I didn't have the courage back then - what if she thought I was some kind of nutter????

                      Course if it happened now then I wouldn't hesitate to speak to her .... now I don't care who knows that I'm a nutter.

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                        Fantastic news!! Bet you are beyond chuffed!
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                          Fantastic news! I do hope they sell and you get a regular spot, so to speak. And well done for being brave! I'm going to need that same bravery sometime soon!



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                            Well done to you, your such a lucky ducky.
                            And well done on your choice of celebration.Nothing says well done better than a chinese take away...yuummmyyy!!

                            How does sale or return work for the shop?Do they get a percentage?


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                              Well done! You must be really chuffed. I hope they sell in no time at all and that she'll take regular orders from you!