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    I'm wanting to put the paypal verified logo onto my website but can't for the life of me figure out how! I can't find anything in the Paypal website or am I missing something?

    Anyone help!!

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    Auctions & Logos - Logos

    Q:How do I put a PayPal logo in my listings by hand?
    A:You can place a PayPal logo in your listings from our Manual Logos page. You can choose one of several logos to place in your listings. Not all of the logos on the Manual Logos page are eBay compliant. In addition, please remember that you must accept debit or credit card payments if you place a PayPal logo with credit cards pictured in your eBay listing.

    here how

    Here's how:
    1. Log in to your PayPal account
    2. Click the Auction Tools tab
    3. Click the View All Tools link at the bottom of the page
    4. Scroll to find Auction Logos - Manual under the eBay Tools section
    5. Click the Get Started link
    6. Choose the logo you want to use
    7. Highlight and copy the code
    8. Paste the code in your listing as you would normal text
    9. You have successfully added a PayPal logo to your listings.

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