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  • Sharing My Fab News :o)

    Hi All

    Sorry i haven't been about for a while joining in things have been manic for the past few weeks, where do I begin....

    ...well the building I have in my garden which was being converted into my craft shop unfortunatly got another blow, even though I have my planning permission it looks like the building warrant is going to take another 6/12 months if ever!!!!
    In the mean time a shop come available in my village and I decided to go find out about it and three weeks down the line I will be getting the keys on Tuesday I am soooo excited and a bag full of nerves as I have so many things to sort and really haven't a clue, I've ran a small home run business for 4 years but this is waaay bigger!
    I have just finished my last shift at work today and have two weeks to get the shop sorted, there isn't much to do as far as the shop goes. I have to work with fixture that are all ready in place which is a pain but the best part is I will have a massive studio just off the shop where I can hold workshops or hire out and I have a large office, scullery kitchen, studio kitchen and a loo

    Sorry for the long post LOL I will have some pics to shop on Tuesday, hope you are all well & hello to any newbies I've missed over the past few weeks,
    happy crafting ger

    PS all advice greatfully received cause honest I need it!!!!
    Ger xx

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    Whoa !!! You have been busy well done. What kind of shop ? What village ?

    All excited for you . Remember and keep us posted.

    Cheers Janice

    P.S Any summer jobs !!!


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      OOH exciting! Good luck!


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        oh wow, how exciting - congratulations

        A mind is like a only functions when open


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          Well done!!!...I'm so jealous!
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            I'm green with envy Well done, you!

            Keep us posted, we want progress reports!
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              Yes - Im jelous too !!!

              I look forward to hearing more about it.

              All the very best



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                Thanx guysI think I'm still in shock it's all happened so fast my wee feet haven't touched the ground LOL
                I am in a wee village off the east coast of Scotland called Cullen, very beautiful place with a great beach a a famous ice cream shop yum yum!
                I'm selling a bit of everything card making , scrapbooking & jewellery making supplies but will also be selling my handmade cards and jewellery.
                I've just got into tiara making and done a couple of wedding orders so I think I'll have to look into trying to market them in the shop aswell.
                I have had a great time shopping althought it has been cut short with the cancelation on the grant I was suposed to be getting- thanx SNP and unfortunatly haven't been able to source any others but never mind I'll get there.
                I am picking up the keys on Tuesday and will take loads of pics so you can see the before and after, when it's pink! I probably won't be able to sleep monday night LOL i'll be like a kick at christmas!
                I'll keep you posted love Ger
                Ger xx

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                  Fantastic news Ger I know exactly how you're feeling right now with that mix of nerves, impatience and massive excitement. Only advice I'd give is to be prepared for lots of hard work - some days I don't get home til gone 10pm but it's well worth it.

                  OK, just thought of a second bit of advice - you'll be inundated with calls from utility providers and brokers trying to get you to sign up, do the research yourself and don't take their word when they quote charges from other companies like I did and now I'm paying way over the odds (PM me if you want to know which company to avoid cos they lie)
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                    How exciting

                    Good luck, I look forward to reading about your progress, and if I am ever up that way, i'll stop in


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                      good luck. If I am up that way, then I will certanily visit.

                      Kay xxx


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                        It's lovely to hear some good news !!! Congratulations!!!! Sue xx


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                          Excellent! I hope it all goes well.
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                            Brilliant! Add me to the "jealous" list!

                            Good luck and I'll look forward to reading the progress reports and seeing the pictures.



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                              Great news! My sister lives a bit west of you near Nairn so when I'm visiting next I'll try and get her to give me a lift to Cullen!