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  • Necklace fashion

    Ive heard that long necklaces are gona be in vogue this year.Has anybody heard anything else?

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    Yep, I have heard that too. Long necklaces with pendants.

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      What about shell? Will be they trendy?...

      I've got some 13mm shell disc in various colours with a top hole, that I want to play with but not sure what to do, apart from just attaching a few on a chain...
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        I think shells will still be popular, they are quite feminine and people like to wear them during on holiday.

        I got some flat/pointback rhinestones in bluey/green complimentary colours and stuck them on the shell.
        Or wrap the shell in thin wire and thread a seahorse/fish/nautical charm on it in the middle of wrapping the wire around.

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          Judging by my teenage girls, long fairly chunky necklaces have been in vogue for a while now. Shells are still popular at the moment too.


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            Long necklaces are also in all the fashion mags at the moment - they are perfect for wearing with the smart shorts that are in at the moment apparently (they don't do them in maternity wear! ).
            Shells are also big at the mo but make sure that they don't look too 'holiday souvenir'. All this is gleaned from reading lots of trashy magazines so i may be wrong!!
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