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    I'm on a bit of an environment crusade at the mo- I use a hell of a lot of packaging in the pieces I send out. A lot of it is necessary for protection but i'm getting rid as of this week! The amount of boxes of boxes I have is ridiculous. I've switched suppliers for a few things but can anyone come up with some ideas to help me go green in terms of sending out my pieces?
    I need ideas for packaging and presentation- I can send out upto 400 items a week so they have to be on a fairly largish scale.
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    Go to the local Tesco/Asda and ask to have their bubble wrap from the soft fruit - they will give you loads and I just help myself to it now! Ask at local shoe shops (best if it's independent ones) for their shoe boxes - my mum is the manager at one and tears up hundreds a week. Erm, can't think of anything else at the mo sorry that would be useful to you. I make my own bubble envelopes but that's not useful to you really!
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      I'd be really interested in any ideas too. I rarely buy packaging materials as I usually find that I get so much from things I buy that I can just re-use, but I'm not sending out 400 items a week. One thing I do is give customers the option to not have an item giftboxed. A lot of people buy my jewellery for themselves, and don't necessarily need a box. I knock £1 of the price if they choose not to have one. Packing materials are so expensive, and environmentally friendly ones are often even more pricey. I don't think I've helped at all but it's an interesting question!
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        I buy recycled gift boxes from Tiny Box Co, their prices are reasonable. Congrats on the sales, very impressive work too.
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          Some great ideas-thanks guys...btw 400 might seem a lot but my overheads are high and prices low so I have to keep the sales up... I feel like a mouse on a wheel at times!
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            How about wrapping your items in good old-fashioned kitchen roll. Even the good quilted ones are relatively inexpensive, its bio-degradeable and one sheet would go round a small pendant lots of times to provide padding. Then post out in an ordinary envelope (made from re-cycled paper). Explain your "green" views and give your customers the option of paying extra for a box.

            If you're not sure how safe they would be then try posting one to yourself so you can check it out.

            BTW - you have some stunning pieces in your ebay shop.

            Now i have to go to bed as I'm up early tomorrow.

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              I use the mushroom boxes to store stuff but I guess they could also be used for packing. B&Q giveaway all of their plastic plant pot packaging if they will be any good to you.
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