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  • What your opinion ????


    I am doing the Cheshire Show two weeks today (17th & 18th). Also 3 day craft fair in Nantwich on the Friday/Saturday & Sunday. - 5 selling days in total.

    I have worked my little socks off the last few months and finally counted how many cards Ive made a wooping - 1038.

    I thought this was really good, however when I mentioned it to people in work they said are you sure you have got enough, and they were being serious. One of the girls who makes cards and goes to the Cheshire Show but not to sell was very concerned !!!!

    Im panicing now !!!! What do people think ???? Should I stay up from now till then 24hours a day making cards lol

    Sara x

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    Errrmmmm!!! I'd be pleased with myself if I'd made that many!! It works out at 200 cards a day so you could have enough....

    Have you got fliers printed out that people can take if they like the look of what you do but you've not got what they want?

    Just don't put all your stock out at once, keep some back and then you can replenish!!

    Hope it goes well and let us know how you've done!!


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      I have stapled business cards to the bags and normal place some on the stand also, as I do Wedding Stationery too. I have also decided to produce some flyers/leaflets detailing craft fairs I am doing later in the year.

      Sara x


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        And how do you store them all??!! I think I have around 200ish cards and I have them in a large cardboard box in sections which are labelled...... and I think thats a lot!!!

        Have you got any cards to show us? On Flickr?? Would love to see some!


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          I used to sell my cards one day a week on my local market and had about 1000 cards on my stall all the time, and it was never e.nough, so no matter how many cards you have customers will always want something that you havent got, so I wouldnt worry about it because even if you had double the amount people people will always want what you havent got so you have to be able turn them around to all the fabulous cards that you do have, and generally most people will buy something you have especially if you offer to personalise it for them there and then, take a good stock of peel off stickers with you with messages and alphabets.

          Good Luck


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            flickr - uploading photo's

            How do I get a flickr account ??? So I post some cards on the forum ?

            thanks in advance

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              Hi sara!

              I'm new to flickr and i dont really get it yet, but heres the sign up link...


              gl with the craft fair,


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                I think that sounds like a good amount to take with you - maybe if you have a few queries on the first day for cards that you don't have in stock you could take note and make some that evening! Good luck with the shows - you'll have to let us know how it goes. I used to go to school near to Nantwich (in Tarporley - do you know it?) and it was always a big event.

                Helen x

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                  Hi Thank for info about flickr - ive put some photo on it. x


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                    Hi Helen

                    Yes I know Tarporley, well not that far from me. I post some pictures when Ive been and let people know how ive got on at both. If the weather like it today (sunny and warm) should be enjoyable show.

                    Sara x