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  • Wheres my order?!

    I placed an order about 3 weeks ago for a more than usual sum but not a fortune to a company that had helped me out alot with my questions via email, getting lots of helpful replies on a regular basis.

    They said it would be 2-3 weeks, fair enough.

    I got impatient and emailed them asking if it would still be 3 weeks, by then it had been 2 weeks and they emailed back saying id get them the next day which I thought was nice and a welcome surprise.

    All I got the next day was an invoice letter.The order has been paid for as I can see from my banking details.

    I have emailed them a number of times since just being friendly and saying ' hello, the order isnt here, any updates' etc

    No reply.

    It has now been the full 3 weeks.

    This morning I faxed them, no reply, either by fax or email.

    My question is, at what point do I phone them up and get nasty?

    Its a bit odd as they had always replied before.
    Ive made it clear I dont mind waiting but Im just curious as to why the order hasn arrived if someone said that it would arrive early.


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    Originally posted by Seahorse
    IMy question is, at what point do I phone them up and get nasty?
    You could be nice the first time on the phone ???

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      Originally posted by Seahorse
      My question is, at what point do I phone them up and get nasty?
      If I was you I'd ring them just to actually get a response from them, they can choose to ignore emails etc but can't blank you on the phone (hopefully!) but don't get nasty with them just yet cos it's probably just lost in the post.

      If it is lost then it's the companys responsibility to claim compensation so you shouldn't be out of pocket

      Agreed tho about the shocking customer service, ignoring you like that is just plain rude.
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        Especailly as they had been so chatty before.
        Luckily Im not in a business where I need the order here and now but if I were id be getting worried.

        Im not really a nasty person and me being angry is quite funny as I have no idea what to say.So so far i have been pleasent an will continue to do so for this week, I may open a can of whoop*rse on them next week tho.

        Odd how I got the letter but no order.

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          That is pretty poor service. I agree, ring them and get some real answers and if they seem to be fobbing you off then ask for a refund and order elsewhere.


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            I agree with the others and would give them a quick phone-call, that way you can don't have to hang about waiting for a reply to an email.

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              Agreed with everything said about making phone call


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                Just sent an email saying can i have an update by the end of the day or i can call you next week.

                Still pleasent tho slightly threatening.


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                  Again pretty much agree with what has already been said - the sad thing is though sometimes you have to be a bit more forceful to get an answer if you are too nice they will think they can push you around a bit etc... I would have been very worried if I was told that an order was going to be with me and it was not after a specified amount of time especially if I had already paid for it - Have you dealt with them before?

                  If not then ring them straight away - you do not have to be nasty but you can make the point that you are unhappy with the length of time your order is taking and next time you would appreciate a call or at least an email informing you if there is a delay. I am always happy as long as the communication is kept going - delays happen; that is business and if they let you know then you can let your customers know etc... but if there is no communication then that is when I get cross!!!!

                  Good luck with it and I hope it gets sorted out soon.

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                    Yep, il call them but im such a scaredy cat.


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                      Surprise surprise.
                      Ive just got a reply.
                      They say they have just seen my fax which Im more than sure i sent on Thursday last week!

                      Apparently the PO carded me on the 12th and 13th of April.
                      There hasnt been any sign of any card.But Ive been given a consignment and phone number to arrange for delivery.


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                        Ahh, my parents said theyd go see if they could pick it up for me.

                        The advantages of having retired parents.


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                          Are you STILL waiting!!!!!!!! way too long!!


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                            Im a bit annoyed that they didnt track the package over a week ago when I first said it hadnt arrived.
                            I could either arrange for the package to be delivered again but there is no guarantee that anyone will be in to sign for it.Or ask my parents which they have kindly agreed to collect it for me.


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                              That's been sloppy communications with your supplier, would make me consider not using them again. OK it wasn't their fault that you didn't get the parcel when said you would, you were out! but to reply to your query a week after it was sent is bad.

                              I've had times like that when couriers have said they left a card when they didn't.

                              I work for home full time and I've had a courier say that I wasn't home to receive a parcel when I was. I had the greatest of pleasure in telling them they were talking bull**** (pardon the language) since I work from home and I have 3 dogs that go nuts when they see/hear anyone and that they couldn't have missed them since they have to pass a full length window and dogs to get to the front door.

                              Good that your parents can help out for you