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  • swarovski crystals

    hi all. any advice in where to buy these in bulk or does anyone sell them on here.

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    What type are you looking for?


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      im looking for all types really. need a good selection and they need to have the holes in not the ones that you glue. diferent colours shapes and sizes.


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        jillybeads sell in bulk.

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          What do you mean by bulk - 1440 or less? If you want them by the gross you are looking at importing from the states, if you want a wide variety, you will need more than one supplier - unless you import from the states. do good gross prices, but don't forgrt about customs. have a good variety, at decent prices. If you are looking for 100 bicones are the cheapest around. Have fun.


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            thanks for the replys guys and gals. that sit does all i want.


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              I buy mine from an ebay seller - bookee235. He sells in small and large quantities including factory packs (1440) of 4mm crystal AB for around £35.00. He stocks most colours and sizes. Delivery usually takes around 7 - 10 days and he doesn't rip you off with postage costs. I'd recommend him to anyone. I would post a link to his ebay store but as a newby I'm not allowed to.

              The other thing is that he's based in Macau (an island somewhere near china I think) and goods from there are exempt from the import duty tax limit which is around $38 if you buy from the states.

              Apologies to anyone that tells me I'm wrong about that but thats the basic rule I consider when buying from China and the US and I've not been stung for import duties yet.
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                We have a thing about chinese goods on this forum.


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                  I also buy from bookee235 and have nothing but praise for them, I agree with everything auntynet says. Not all chinese sellers are bad, I have also used another seller from Beijing (not for Swaros) and they delivered in 5 days and that included a weekend, some English companies can't manage that.

                  Other suppliers of Swaros I use are


                  Hope this helps.


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                    Hi all, just thought I'd recommend myself here

                    For example, packs of 100 x 4mm Swarovski bicones are cheaper on my site than on and

                    thankyou in advance if you have time to take a look

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                      Sorry Debbie!!! I forgot about you....................


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                        ebay. there are lots of sellers with swarovski crystals but then you'll never know if they really are genuine until it's too late and you've already sent your money and received the fake ones.
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                          once again thanks very much to all who replied.
                          ive got plenty of looking to do now, well my partner has


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                            I have bought from these
                            Good quality and quick delivery and definitely real swaro's.


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                              I dont know if they are the same crowd as Silvermaid is recommending but for factory packs of clear crystals I use this company. Delivery is really fast.

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