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    How have crafts been a part of your life? Have you grown up doing them? Do you see it as vocational? How did you learn to do them? How many people went to uni to learn? How did you get into the certain type of craft you do?

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    I have always loved making things from when I was little. I was taught to knit when I was about 7 and I used to embroider table cloths and things with my Granny from about the age of 8. I saved up for a sewing machine when I was 14. I love sewing there is something very calming about it but I got into beading in my 20's as my Mum asked me to repair a necklace she had and I like the satisfaction of getting quick results with that.


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      I have to admit in our house my Mom was the artistic/crafty one and my brother took after her and I was more like my Dad..not artistic! Well, so I thought until 3 years ago when I was off sick from work and bored. My Mom suggested card making to fill my time, which I turned my nose up at (Shame on me!!) but had a go..then got hooked and realised that I actually was reasonable artistic. Got into backing paper designing and ended up with my own business!! Thanks to my Mom!! So I waited until my 30's to discover that I could have enjoyed doing stuff like this all my life!!
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        I have always been artistic i suppose (i seem to remember my Dad being rather upset when at the age of about 6 I redecorated a jewelery box I had been given by my great gran with nail varnish and rhinestones, because it looked 'boring'!)

        Since then I have worked in a florist and a nail bar and am now a graphic designer, i have tried my hand at jewelery making, card making, scrapbooks, painting, dressmaking, knitting, built my own dolls house and more recently tried playing with polymer clay with limited success... but i will not give up just yet..... and there is so much more left for me to try!!


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          i started crafting as a child always doing something i did a lot of cross stitch and embroidery i did start doing art at school but switched to cooking didnt go to uni went to college for year got a level in cooking .once i started having my children i was a sahm till my youngest went to school so i used to do projects with my girls its only since being retired due to ill health and lots of time on my hands ive really become addicted i started watercolour painting then tried acrylics then silk and glass painting now ive moved onto papercrafting which ive been doing for the last 3 years and love it always looking at trying something new and beading is my next adventure
          Jan xx


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            I've always been crafty minded, was reasonably good at art but alwyas pushed down the academic route at school so never actually got taught how to make things...had to find out for myself. i didn't really learn to sew properly until i was well into my 20's and me and my sewing machine still don't always like each other!! when I took up porcelain doll making I just learned so much, ceramics, china painting, slip casting, resin, wig making, leatherwork, costuming.............I'm still learning............



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              I was seriously bad at anything vaguely crafty at school - I was always the one covered in glue or paint that the teacher had to rescue with a sigh. My husband won't let me near a paintbrush as I make so much mess. Despite this I discovered a hidden talent for making cards with my children a few years ago. I use glue dots instead of liquid glue and it seems to keep me from making too much mess. I still manage to spread jewels etc all over the carpet though.