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  • Machine servicing....

    I think my Embroidery machine (and maybe my sewing machine too!) needs servicing, it does work but the needle snaps more often than I'd imagine it should!

    I just want a ballpark figure like £50ish or will it be more toward £100 etc

    thanks in advance! (Portfolio & Shop)

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    Probably around £50 for the service, then obviously more for any repairs.

    It sounds like it might need a new bobbin case though or maybe it's moved out of place a bit? My needles kept breaking a while back and I got my dad to tighten a few screws and tighten the case bit then it was fine.

    But embroidery machines can be hard to get into to to have a look? - Fabric buttons, button supplies and handmade accessories


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      I was thinking it would be around £50 for the servicing & more if they need to buy parts etc for it.

      I think it is something as simple as something needing to be screwed tighter or adjusted, the computing part works fine so I'm hoping it won't be more than £50 !!! (Portfolio & Shop)


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        I think you would be looking more around the £100 mark to be honest. I normally pay around £60-£70 for a standard electric machine service and then around £120 for the computerised machine services. I have a digital Husqvarna designer 2 embroidery machine and I know that they can be more difficult to service due to the componenets in them.

        Sounds a really silly question but regarding your needles snapping are you using the right foot for the stitch you are creating? Also, are the needles in the right way round?


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          Was going to say the same thing as brittone05. As a service is quite a hefty outlay, I would get the handbook out and follow the set-up procedure word for word. I often do daft things like forget which way my bobbin goes in and things like that. Something really simple like that can make a huge difference but could save you a lot of money.

          Incidentally I've just had my sewing machine serviced, plus new bobbin case (top loader) and a dink polished out of the housing - £89.

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            That is a very reasonable price for a service and small repair

            I am quite lucky that I have a close friend who works with machines and can call on her for advice when I have minor problems. Thankfully she rarely charges for her advice or else I would possibly have needed a very large loan by now hehehe


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              argh I didn't think it would be that much, I can't afford that right now eeek!

              I think I will get the booklet out & fiddle around with it first, I think (and hope) it is something simple as the bobbin or something being misplaced

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                Which embroidery machine do you use Littleclouds?

                I could always ask my friend if she knows of a common reason for the needle snapping to see if you can remedy it yourself without having to pay for a service right now - then you could save up whilst still embroidering away


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                  Hi Little Clouds,

                  If your needle is snapping it might be that you are using a needle that is too fine for your work, perhaps you`ve tried this already but I thought I`d mention it!

                  Also embroidery machines need a more frequent needle change than a flatbed machine. For a large design I sometimes get through two needles on one design. Also can I just check that you are using embroidery needles rather than regular needles on your emb mach?

                  I use Size 11 needle on cotton weight type fabrics and Size 14 on fleece and lighter weight denims.

                  A too heavy stabilizer coupled with a too dense stitch out on will also break embroidery needles.

                  Good Luck and hope you get it sorted without spending too many pennies!