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    Do you think it's best to keep the same advert every time (when putting it in craft magazines) or to change it slightly?

    I've seen companies putting the same ads over and over again in crafts magazines. I am wondering whether it wouldn't be best to change maybe a picture or some of the text? I'll take the example of this particular shop which always says something like ''have you been to our shop yet?'', now to a regular reader of the mag, this could just be the thing to turn them off if it says the same thing over and over again. It's great for new reader but I would be under the impression that a craft mag must have a lot of regular readers.

    Is it best to be consistent? Of course I am not talking about the colour scheme or the logo, they should remain the same.

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    This is my area!

    Generally the rule is keep it the same because it takes the audience needs three shots to really digest the advert and then make a decision.
    In my "proper" job I tend to change the advertising every four weeks.

    Hope this helps.

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      From my reading point of view, I'll flip through the ads in a mag however even when I am flipping through it registers in the mind and stays there until I do want something. I get the 'Art Magazine' and there is one ad in there that I look out for every time and it's because she changes the jewellery photo (not the text). I look forward to seeing what creation she has come up with everytime it comes out. Other than that one I have to admit that it's the same repeated ads that stay with me. When I do want something that's the ad I'm looking for and I know in my mind what it's like/saying.


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        Hey Bea,

        Agreed usually it is best to keep the advert roughly the same as it is the amount of times people look at your ad - then it is instantly recognisable - my advice would be to alway make sure you keep your logo or the colouring the same etc.. that way if you need to change the content you can without risking losing the recognition. I always use my logo on everything and keep it the same - it is now at the stage where even if my company name is not on it people know it is me because of the logo!

        Good luck with your advertising campaign anyway.

        Happpy Crafting Wishes

        Traci x
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