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  • Designing your site

    What inspired you to make your site the way it is?
    What kind of feel did you want to get over?
    Why choose the colours you did?
    Did you make it jokey with added commentary?

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    I went for friendly, first and foremost I'm planning on a redesign before long, but it's a time-consuming activity and time's been at a premium of late! I'd like a slightly more modern look, but with traditional undertones



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      Our website is based around our logo, using our corporate colours - pink and grey.

      We wanted it to be welcoming and contemporary.

      The main point about our site is that it is easy to use.

      A fresh and funky collection of handmade jewellery


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        I went for fresh and friendly, and basically the colours I liked.

        The current design of my site is 5 months old now, and I get bored very easily. I tend to re-design my website about twice a year so it's due for an update soon.

        Might go for wavey lines in icecream shades for summer.... mmmm... to the drawing board....
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          I decided that I wanted all the beads to look as though they were just sitting infront of you. I lked the idea of white backgrounds and just used a couple of colours (purple and gold) which are the colours I use for display and packaging, business cards etc.
          Recently I started working on an advert for the new (now defunkt) british beading magazine. When that dissapeared I decided that I would advertise in Crafts beautiful (july issue onwards) when I looked and saw just how much purple there was out there I decided that rather than look like everyone else I would change my colours. I am being brave and am still sad... (I love purple!!!) I have to put my business first though and it's not worth shelling out hundreds to be the same as everyone else.
          I am therefore going to be changing the colours slightly and will be reinvesting on the display front.
          I did have ideas for my site when I set out that were rather concrete and I have had to change my view as I realised that they would not be practical.
          I love my site though and although I am forever tweeking it I am pleased with the effect.
          It is amazing how websites are an art form and just like works of art, there are so many styles etc out there.
          full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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            Apparently purple is the 'in' colour at the Chelsea flower show and coincidently the colours fo flowers in my mums garden!!

            I love purple too.

            Beadsbydesign, maybe if everybody else has purple adverts you could advertise in the same magazine but use a contrasting colour, maybe a blue, or gold border would look amazing and really stand out!!


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