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  • fudge

    hi peeps sorry i haven't been about lately but been a bit under the weather - and have had plenty of time to think of new things to try and one of them is home made fudge and now before i run headlong into this venture i need to know if there is any restrictions on me making this in my own kitchen and selling it alongside my other creations
    while i knit i think

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    Ooh yummy! I love making fudge - although mine usually ends up in disaster. I have now invested in a sugar themometer - so maybe that will help!

    As for your question I've no idea! In my house mine never lasts long enough to even think about selling it (even when it does go a bit funny!), but good luck with your nbew venture!


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      ive made fudge a couple of times and must admit it gets eaten pretty quick i dont know about selling it just making and eating it yummy
      Jan xx


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        most likely, including possible planning permission, informing your mortgagor, insurances, business rates and a whole load of health and safety regulations. you will also need to have completed a health and hygiene course run by local authorities. its achievable just lots of hoops to jump through. i think the rules change when you only 'cook' a few days out of the month so check. don't be put off.

        oh, you will need to have your product tested so as to ensure that the quality is maintained not just from your first batch but from any subsequent batches you are likely to make. i am personally willing to do this for nothing, i know, thats the kind of block i am selfless. i just ask that i remain anonymous.


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          I love fudge and it is always popular, but make sure you get it right - there is nothing worse than eating grainy fudge - it has to be smooth in my opinion.



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            Oh, now there I disagree - fudge is meant to be grainy, in my book!

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