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  • job less!!!!!!!

    i thought i better make you all aware that i was made redundant last week, so untill i find my dream job...(ha) i am going to be on this website all day every day....has its benefits i suppose and at least the sun is shinning!!!
    if anyone has any ideas about how i can make my millions....let me know - ha!!!!!!!!!!!
    i think i am slowly going insaine!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Sorry to hear that. All this fine weather has pretty much made me redundant too but to be fair it's too nice to be bothered anyway. Things have a funny way of turning out better than planned when you're positive so i'm making the most of the weather. I'm feeling very Zen-like this week.
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      Dream Job

      Hi Rach,
      Sorry to hear about your redundancy, I hope you find your dream job, why not have a go creating it for yourself? I think half the problem is knowing what you want to do, if you know what to aim for you can just chip away at it until you get there. I'm working on trading online making jewellery, which I love to do, throughout my retirement as I don't have a pension, its a very long term plan but I am pushing it slowly along as best I can.
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        sorry to here you got made redundant but as you say least the sun is shining and you will have more time to craft
        Jan xx


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          Really sorry to hear your news. You seem to be taking it well ...good for you for keeping positive.

          Now you need to make it your full time job finding another job! I'm sure you'll get there.

          In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine ...I'm sure you deserve it!

          And we'll look forward to lot's of posts from you then!!

          Take care.
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            Sorry to hear you're news but you never know what's just around the corner. I am a great believer that everything happens for a reason. This is maybe the ideal time for you to start up on your own. I took the plunge 18months ago and whilst it was really hard at the start (and still is sometimes) I'm doing something I love and have never looked back.

            Don't forget, if you should find a way of making millions let us all know how you did it!?!!?
            by Nicki

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              Sorry to hear that Rach

              Will be nice to see more of you on here though

              And at least the sun is out!!


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                D'ya know I'm so used to thinking of redundancy as quite a positive thing, my first thought was to say congratulations Rach!

                But I know it isnt always good news for some folk. When they closed our branch down, my whole team of 20 staff were let off and although they were really shocked at first, most of them actually found better jobs in the long run or took the opportunity to completely re-think the path they were on and used it as an "unplanned spur" to take a chance

                It can be good and I'm sure it will be for you too, follow your gut instincts and you wont go far wrong

                Enjoy the sunshine and forumming to your hearts content! I did when I was off, boy did I?!?!

                Shaz x
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                  Snap!!!! so my sympathies/congratulations (can't decide which yet!) Mine was announced at the end of March, we still don't know exactly what will happen to us even now, just that the "package" gets smaller and smaller every time there's a "group consultation".

                  Someone said to me last night "you may never get another opportunity like this!!" so who's up for doing what we really want to in life for once!!!!!!

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                    Really sorry to hear about your job. Although it's scary, it could be the start of something new and really exciting! Plus you get more time to craft, good luck finding your dream job! Enjoy the sun!

                    Love LittleGems x


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                      Well, I guess if it had to happen then this is the best time of year now the sun has come out ! Hopefully, like your forum ID you will get to 'sunbatheintheshade' a bit and think about your next move... onwards and upwards !!


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                        Stay positive!

                        Commiserations on your loss of job, I haven't been made redundant for ages, (three times so far) Good luck with whatever you do next.
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                          As everyone else is saying, look upon this quite positively. At least it is the best time of year not to be working with the weather this good. Just imagine if it had happened over winter!

                          So go sun bathe in the sun for a few days and enjoy a bit of relaxation.


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                            Good luck to you, I hope you find something you like.

                            As some of you may know Ive been unemployed since early December.Im quite disgusted with myself that I havnt got a job yet.
                            Even as I type Im trying to get the courage to enquire about a part time job but Im such a fraidy cat,been in the shop 3 times to ask but chickened out.I also cant stand the idea of working where this job is but I really do need to make some money.....but then again my 'Ive only one life and I want a job that I like' voice keeps kicking in so I keep putting it off.

                            Forgot to say my horoscope is being very positive, but sadly Mystic Meg isnt always right.

                            Keep us posted on your progress.
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                              Don't get down about being made redundant

                              I took voluntary redundancy a few years ago & looked on it as an opportunity rather than a setback. I was coming up to my 50th birthday & knew that if I didn't do something then I never would. I retrained & started working for myself which was great. Even though I'm no longer self-employed it was a wonderful stage in my life.

                              If you really enjoy your craft work, then look into investing some of your redundancy money on a professional training course - even a week's worth of intensive professional techniques opens your eyes to what you can do better & quicker! I'm thinking here not of a college but training with someone who does a similar thing but in a professional capacity.

                              I can thoroughly recommend Business Link (a government advice dept) for help & advice in setting up in business

                              Just go for it, girl!!!

                              Best of luck