When selling products you make it's not always possible to get a good photo of the items. There are many sites that offer product mockups (usually in Photoshop PSD format) that you can download and use (for a price). However, you may not be able to find an exact mockup for your particular product so have to make do with something generic or a lousy photo.

There is another alternative if you take the time to learn some basic 3D modelling.

For instance, I used to sell these mugs, printed with my own designs, and could never find a decent image that I could use in Photoshop ...


So, I modelled my own, in Rhino 5, and rendered the result in Keyshot 6, using my own designs as the textures. I also added some easily modelled marshmallows and an imported potted plant into the scene! ...


I've modelle and rendered lots of my craft items now, everything from keyrings and clocks to mugs, phone cases and bags, all of which I sublimation printed with my own designs for sale ...




The real beauty of doing this is that you can place objects exactly where you want in the scene, alter many settings such as lighting, depth of field, colours, textures etc, and produce a likeness that is virtually indistinguishable from the product you are making. Good images really help with sales.