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Cricut - making a reusable stencil on a complex design

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  • Cricut - making a reusable stencil on a complex design

    Hi team, ok.... so this is my second post in as many days, but it's so great to find a forum such as this. Spot the new boy?!

    So I have a complex coat of arms (images below). I would like to create a reusable stencil that I can... well reuse for glass etching and the like.

    I have got some thick transparency clear film as previously recommended. But the videos I have seen are mostly using letters and creating small channels to link up any holes (like the hole in an A). How does that work with images?
    I have tried creating a simplified image too, but its not looking right. Certainly not reusable.

    Am I missing a trick? Has anyone done anything similar that could afford their advice?
    Much appreciated, thank you to this great community!
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    Hi, if it is a stencil that you for example, spray over, move along, spray again then yes, the centre of letters or any free normally unconnected parts will have small links holding it together so the whole pattern moves as one.
    If it is a design on vinyl or some other medium that is applied via a contact sheet e.g. vinyl or glass, drinking vessels etc or for etching designs on glass then they are kept in place by that transfer material as they are applied, then it is removed.
    Hobby cutting machines tend not to be the best for intricate designs like thin line work.



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      Thank you Dave.
      Yes I was hoping for a stencil that I could re-use, so I guess transfer tape wouldn't help, as once it was applied to the surface (eg a glass) I couldn't get it off again.

      Even if the stencil was disposable, I still had trouble :-)
      The whole transfer tape part, and due to the intricacy often meant pieces were misaligned.