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Badge makers, i need advice

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  • Badge makers, i need advice

    Hi I'm a badge maker and I'm looking for some advice, I have 3 badge presses 1 for 25mm, 1 for 322mm and 1 for 58mm.
    I have issues with my 32mm when making badges they seem to slice the paper, does happen with other sizes only 32mm (see pic)
    It's so frustrating as I'm wasting so many badge parts, any help?
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    Hi. I can only think that the 32mm die may be damaged.

    What grade of paper are you using? Or do you in fact mean that it is cutting through the mylar discs?

    BTW, you may be interested in a post I made where I sublimation print and heat press an image directly to the reverse side of the Mylar disc and dont use a paper print at all ...

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