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Keyrings and Toy Safety

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  • Keyrings and Toy Safety

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some keyring advice, please!

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before, I've searched through and there are a few similar questions from a few years back but none that match what I'm after.

    I'm a carpenter and have started making small ornaments, gifts and toys that I can sell to hopefully earn a bit of extra money. It's not a business as such but just a hobby that I enjoy and find relaxing.

    Some of my items would be great as keyrings BUT... Whilst I am happy with the UKCA Testing and certification process and regulations, I simply don't know what to do about the keyrings. Particularly regarding EN71-3 chemical testing certificates.

    I can't find any keyring chains to buy that satisfy the requirements (i.e. no manufacturers seem to have done the testing or offer certificates).

    Of course I could pay to send the keyring chains to be chemically tested myself but I'd like to avoid it as it's expensive. Plus, it's hard to get a guarantee from the manufacturer/supplier that all the keychains are made in the same factory etc... to fully satisfy the Toy Safety requirements.

    I'm at a bit of a loss... Does anyone know of or use 'approved' keyring chains for their products? Can you please tell me where to get them? Does anyone with a test certificate for their keyring toys have any advice? Would anyone be willing to sell me a valid test certificate?

    Any advice gratefully received, thanks for reading and all the very best to you all with your crafting.