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What crafts sell best on Etsy?

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  • What crafts sell best on Etsy?

    Hello everyone,
    As we all know, Etsy is an American e-commerce website that focuses on handcrafted or vintage crafts and items. These items fall into a variety of categories, including jewelry, bags, clothing, home decorations and furniture, toys, artwork, as well as tools and crafts. I currently want to make handicrafts for sale on Estsy, do not know what are the best-selling items on it, can you please tell me?
    Thanks everyone.

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    Hey, I used Etsy for a while, but I have disabled the auto renew on items as the fees were killer.

    But what sold best for me was quirky things, which you dont see often. There was such a saturation on it with the regular items that people were lowballing prices. I think best things are those unique ideas, as only you will sell them. Sorry its not the best advise, but I wouldnt go with the norm on Etsy unless you are willing to work for peanuts with the competition.
    Kim x


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      As a UK seller I found Etsy to be a complete waste of my time and money. My best advice is that, if you have something to sell, get out there and sell it: markets, craft fairs, events, etc ...


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        I think vintage sells faster. Though there are many vendors selling the products, still they all get patronized. The advise I'll give is to try to make your price a little lower than others to attract more customers. You can later adjust it


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          Paper craft, jewelry and wedding decor are saturated but that could be a good thing, it means it's one of the first places customer comes to look for their items
          Etsy was the first place I went to look for both [LINK DROP REMOVED ]and my dress because I knew I'd have so much good stuff to choose from, I bought both from Etsy stores and was pleased with both purchases!
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            My girlfriend is making swimwear and she tried to use Etsy for selling. It was absolute fail and waste of money. We decided that it would be more effective to sell via instagram and markets in our city.