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  • Newbie help please

    Hi guys, so I dabble in a bit of woodwork projects and sell via Etsy, markets etc.

    I'm now looking to expand into making concrete planters/succleants/pen holders( not very big etc)
    I will be using silicone moulds for this.....
    I've searched high and low for the appropriate concrete mix to use and am still none the wiser. Read a lot about using fibre, Portland etc
    If someone can provide a solution I will be eternally greatful! Links etc.

    UK based!

    Thanks !
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    Just wanted to say welcome to the forum and I'm sorry I can't help with your query as it is entirely outside my sphere of expertise.

    This isn't a terrifically busy forum (quality not quantity) so do widen your search for an answer.



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      Hi, welcome to the forum. I don’t know about using concrete but back in the dayI made chess sets and the boards, each individual square and the edging etc using latex and plastic formers. I used to use a special plaster that was quite hard but they discontinued that. Someone told me to use “ Dental plaster” which is used in dental labs to make molds for false teeth etc. It is also what they make plaster dado rail, cornices, ornamental coving etc from and it sets really hard. For smaller, non liquid holding projects, might be a go to. If you find a place that casts plaster dado etc, just ask for a bit to try or grab a bag online. The chess last set I made from it was a board and Chinese warriors etc, nearly 30 years ago, still going strong.



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        For planters I use grout mix, reinforcing fibers, and fine gravel or glass or colored sand. A little bit of galvanized wire as reinforcing goes a long way. One could also use a mortar mix and reinforcing fiber. The reinforcing fibers I use I get from Amazon. I've also used regular [MOD EDIT]and sieved out the gravel, and that still works well with steel wire and fiber reinforcing.
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