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Please may I have some advice on cutting Greyboard

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  • Please may I have some advice on cutting Greyboard

    Hi. what is the best way to cut Greyboard? my guillotine doesn't cut it. Any ideas?

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    I’ve used a Stanley knife and a steel rule before now, needs about 4-5 strokes to get it through, angle the blade by a degree or two toward the rule to stop it wandering. If you know someone with a mount cutter that will cut board ok up to around 3.5mm.



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      I use a steel rule and heavy duty craft knife. Depending on the thickness (mine is usually 1.5mm to 2mm) don't try and cut right through in one go - I can take up to a dozen passes of the knife before it is cut through.

      I don't have a guillotine btw.



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        Craft night with snap-off blades for most cuts...


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          Hi.This is what I use for precise cuts when my guillotine doesn't cut. You have more control, you can apply more pressure and you can pass twice or three times on the same line without worrying that you will create a new line like it is with the guillotine.
          Hope this helps!
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            Yes, I use a Stanley knife and use plyers to snap off each blade. I have done this with similar knives for the last sixty-two years for cutting paper and film, first in the print industry and then finally in my own craft business. Don't forget to glue some fine sandpaper under the ruler to stop it slipping when cutting craft board. Don't make the first cut deep - cut a shallow cut to start with, then continue along that already cut furrow with deeper cuts. Please use a fairly heavy steel ruler - it is both safer and far more accurate. Hardly worth mentioning - keep your hand steady at all times.
            Another hint. If you ever have to cut foamboard, cut very lightly for the first few strokes, otherwise you will slightly crush the foamboard where you have cut and it makes the cut edge look ugly. By cutting the first cuts lightly you will manage to get through the harder skin before reaching the inner foam.


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              I always use a new blade in a good stout Stanley knife...not the retractable one either as I find these can retract when you are putting pressure on them as the retracting button is often on the top, there is often slack in the mechanism so the blade moves from side to side and can screw up the cut or put pressure on the point of the blade so it snaps. Also keep the blade flatter to the surface your cutting so you use more of the blade in the actual cut, especially on thick material and reduces the risk of the point of the blade snapping off. And not to mention have a good 2ft steel rule to cut along and make several passes increasing the pressure each pass.


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                Thank you very much everyone.