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hello!! need help with embossing

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  • hello!! need help with embossing

    hi, this is my first thread on here, but ive been having great fun reading all the posts - so good to see there are people out there as nuts about crafting as me!

    i am going to be making the wedding invitations for a client and she would like the writing embossed. Ive been reading some very helpful info on what colour pen to use - but i was wondering about the powder - are there any differences with the brands? and what do you find the best? I want a nice silver that has a smooth finish to it - shiny but not glittered.

    Many thanks indeed, oh and are there any differences in the heat tools aswell? or could i just by a cheap one off ebay?


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    if your embossing writting id go for a detail embossing powder as they are finer as embossing powder spreads when heated as for a make there are many ive got heat it up imagepac any many others as for fine i think you will have to shop around im sure everyone will have there favorite
    Jan xx


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      I've only used one brand - they are not named but I got them from Trimcraft. I've been happy with the result and the silver looks good.
      Jan is right about the spreading - you'll need to experiment with the size of the writing so that the letters don't run together. I get better results with larger stamps (I've not used a pen).
      I have a heat it up heat gun - does me fine!
      Try a new way every day and work becomes play!


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        i have used a few and i have found them to be all the same to be honest
        I have a 7.99 heat gun and it works grea. i have never had a problem with it.
        Good luck with your invitations and would love to see pics once they are done


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          Yes I agree with everyone!! Just make sure you get the fine detail one and don't overheat what you are embossing as it will change the silver colour and scorch the card. Good luck with the invitations, they sound lovely!! Sue xx