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Easy to make papermache - for you and the kids

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  • Easy to make papermache - for you and the kids

    For some time now my hubby and I have been looking for ways to spend time with children in a creative way. One such way has been to create sculptures or decorations from paper in the form of paper mache.

    Our recipe includes: old newspapers, water, wheat flour, potato flour, wood glue and salt.

    Tear the newspaper to pieces and soak them in water overnight. It takes about 3 litres of water to soak the newspaper.

    The soaked paper must be mixed into a fairly smooth mass so it is best to add another portion of water, again about 3 liters.

    Mix it well and afterwards drain the paper mass on a sieve, or as we do, squeeze the moisture using an old children's T-shirt.

    According to all the information I have read online, we have to add glue to the squeezed paper mass at this stage. We had 3 portions made according to the recipe: a glass of wheat flour, 3 teaspoons of potato flour, a teaspoon of salt, 4 tablespoons of glue for wood, 2 glasses of water - all mixed into a smooth mass.

    The paper pulp should be well made, which seems to be very enjoyable task for our twins who go crazy with just getting dirty.

    And then you're free to explore, create and enjoy time.

    It is messy but it is also more joyful way of spending time at home that constant browsing the web or watching the same cartoon for the umptienth time
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