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  • Crafts for kids?

    Hello it's been a long long time but I'm hoping to pick some brains here pretty please....

    It looks like I may be roped into running an after school craft club at my son's primary school and I'm trying to think of interesting crafts they can do that they are unlikely to have done before. Ages will be 7-11 and they will have an hour per session, probably about 10-12 kids per session and budget of about £2.50 per child per session.

    Ideally I'd like them to have a creation to take home after each session but know with drying time etc that may not always be possible. So far I'm thinking of the following ideas, if anyone can tell me if I'm being over optimistic or have suggestions I'd be very happy.
    - glue batik painting on fabric bags (over 2 sessions)
    - melt & pour soap making
    - soy candles
    - mandalas on canvas (over 2 sessions)
    - various card making techniques
    - sharpies tie dye scented pillows
    - shrink plastic key rings

    I've also got a massive bag of fabric scraps (most probably only 10cm square) and would love ideas to use these bearing in mind many may have never sewn before and there's only one of me to help.
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    Hi Netty nice to hear from you.

    Bit late to get a thinking cap on tonight but sure you will get some sensible answers tomorrow.

    Mandalas in one session could be on stones or pebbles.
    Making tote bags from weaving together old plastic bags so a bit of recycling too.
    Fabric scraps make great seasonal wreaths, which are not just for Christmas.

    Catch you later if not have a great Christmas.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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      Hi Netty, long time no see. Absolutely no suggestions for the childrens crafts as never had anything to do in that line, but ideas will come from other sources I'm sure.



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        Hello Netty, good to hear from you.

        What about Mother’s Day as I expect things such as cards and lavender sachets would be well received, along with simple cross stitch on Binca etc


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          Aw thank you ladies, hadn't realised I'd got any replies as I still struggle a bit with the new style forum (as Caroline will know from her brief ban the other month oops). All great ideas there, the recycled tote bag would be fab as the kids are all very environmentally aware. Scented sachets for mothers day would be another winner I think. Still deciding whether I'll run the sessions (it'd start after the Feb half term if I do) but if I do I'll make sure I show you some of their creations
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            Oh wow! You are doing such a great thing. All the best.


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              Clear contact paper and colorful tissue paper scraps torn into tiny bits. Make "stained glass" windows.
              Peg doll decorating
              Simple origami boxes, tissue flowers
              Cards from watercolors on cardstock paper
              Bead bracelets, sprinkles ( draw on a special plastic and shrink in the oven) make a good keyring.
              Hope this helps.
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