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    Hello. I hope this is in the correct place. I have been driving myself mad trying to research this before I take the plunge and buy a die cutting machine so I am really hoping someone can help.
    To supplement my income, I want to personalise water bottles with names but I really want to do this at craft fairs on a 'while you wait' basis. I have looked at the manual die cutting machines and just can't work out if I could do this with nice fonts in a quick turnaround time or not or if I would need an electronic machine . Can anyone please advise me on this and any recommendations for a machine? Thank you 😁
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    I suggest you need an electronic cutting machine such as a Cricut or Silhouette (both Trade Marked Names) for this sort of thing.

    With a die based machine you can only cut the dies you have with you. I have a die cutting machines and a large collection of dies and just the alphabet and sentiments would be quite heavy to carry around. You would also only have the ones you bring with you to choose from.

    With an electronic machine you can carry designs on a USB stick and choose from a large range of fonts and sizes.

    Both of these methods will still take time and may not be as "instant" as you or the customer would like.

    What a lot of card makers do to personalise cards at an event is to cut a large number of sentiments, letters and numbers at home/work before you go. If you know the sort of things people will want you can be 90% prepared.

    The electronic machines such as the Cricut can cut self adhesive vinyl, this allows a quick peel and stick solution. If you have your machine and choice of vinyls you can cut any unusual spellings or missing letters if your stock runs low.

    This will mean you will need to have access to mains electricity and in some cases the internet if you want to download something new. Quite a few craft fairs charge for a stall/table with electricity, maybe something to factor in?

    I have a Gemini electronic die base cutting machine, it will cut self adhesive vinyl but using dies. Dies are not cheap and to get a wide choice will make your outlay high.

    Personally I would not want to spend the time it would take to cut a large selection out, however a Cricut or similar can be setup and left to get on with the job, all you need to do is feed it vinyl/paper etc. Some of the machines have a roll feeder so you can cut metres at a time.

    All of the above will cost money and time to learn how to use, not a problem you just need to be aware of all this.

    Good luck and any other questions, just ask