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Why don't my blog subscriptions work?

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  • Why don't my blog subscriptions work?

    Is anybody apart from EthelandEdna subscribed to my blog?

    She doesn't get notified that I have made a new post, even though I'm in her bloglines?

    Is it anything to do with putting the RSS feeder thingy through Feedburner for Mr M?

    As far as I know I've told blogger that the RSS URL is pointed to Feedburner so I've no idea why it's not working?

    More worrying, have any of my customers subscribed and not geting notified?

    I've added 2 ways to subscribe now, e-mail notification or by bloglines.

    Can anybody help because I'm stumped!
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    Give it a few days as many people are saying the same.. Some major outage is happening with the feed networks so the counters are way off..

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      I subscribe to Ethel and Edna's blog but I don't get updates either! It's something to do with the feedburner update thing but I'm not sure why
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