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  • childrens jewellery making parties

    Hi Everyone

    I'm sat wondering whether to have a go at running childrens jewellery/craft parties and wondered whether anyone has done one and what it entails as far as insurance etc.

    If anyone has any tips and advice that would be greatly appreciated.

    Kim xx

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    i have no idea about the logistics of childrens craft parties but sounds like an excellent idea as children do love to make things they can take home and show off
    Jan xx


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      You may want to consider getting the check that teachers do, CAB I think it's called. It's not free but it'll go in your favour if people don't know you. My partner is a teacher so I can find out for you if you like.

      Not sure if you'd need public liability, in case children get hurt (probably won't happen but you never know!).

      If you can, you could offer various crafts, card making, jewellery making, painting, etc.

      I'm sure parents would love handing over kids to someone for an hour or so!!!
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        You may want to consider getting the check that teachers do, CAB I think it's called.
        Just to clarify - it's CRB - Criminal Records Bureau - commonly known as a police check. Anyone who works with vulnerable people, eg children,or anyone mentally disabled, physically disabled, in a clinical situation etc, is subject to these checks.

        There are two levels of check, basic and enhanced, and the application is made through an umberella organisation - quite often the local council or one of the local NHS Trusts (however, it will still cost but I don't know the current rate).

        I'm not sure if it would apply in the case of children's parties as one off events and assuming at least one of the parents, if not more, will be present at all times, but it would certainly be a good thing to have.

        It might be wise to check out the CRB web site - this is a link to their home page

        Good luck if you decide to go ahead with the parties.



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          That's brilliant thankyou all for that info. My hubby is going to have to do that I think Linda for footy coaching. I do think it could be worth me doing. If I was little again I'd love to attend a card/jewellery making party!

          There does seem a lot to consider but I think i'd enjoy it. Mind you girls I haven't passed my driving test yet so I think that's got to come first. Hopefully in July I'll be mobile!!

          Kim xx


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            CRB checks don't last forever. They do run out and have to be redone every so often. Also I believe that you have to be rechecked for each different role that you undertake ie. his footy check wouldnt cover him for helping with your childrens parties, (prob wouldn't want him to!!) well that's what I've been told. I think that they cost around £40 that is what the school told me when they did one for me once.

            I looked into the idea of an after school craft club and the insurance was very high for something that I was doing once a week during term time only. I dont know if this would be the same for kids parties.

            What would you do with them? Have ready made kits for them to choose from or take a selection of beads for them to choose their own?

            I have thought about this myself as I have 3 girls and we always do crafty parties but there have been times when I've found it very difficult to pitch the right activity. As the invited children aren't necessarily crafty they can get bored especially if they find it difficult to do.

            So far all of these things have put me off. I'd love to hear what youre thinking of you've prob got better ideas than me.