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warning to sellers on ebay... please read!

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  • warning to sellers on ebay... please read!

    have very nearly come a cropper this morning and would like to warn all you sellers on ebay.
    I sell several hundred items a month on ebay and so it is very difficult to know instantly who is who with your buyers. Yhis morning I received an email question about an item (I get upto 15 a day) . I was knocked off balance by the tone of the email which read:
    "I am still waiting for the item if you so not get back to me ASAP I will report you to ebay"
    Being the 100% feedback, nothings too much bother for my clients etc. type of person I was pretty shocked. Normally if a parcel has gone missing (and they do from time to time) an email enquiry from the client is all that is required. All my clients have been polite, friendly and ready to deal with the situation rather than being sharp and rude.
    Anyway I thought nothing of it and clicked onto the respond now button, It took me to a sign in page which I did and then it took me to the american version of my ebay, then I panicked. I realised something must be wrong and quickly logged in and changed my password before someone else did.

    I have forwarded the email to [email protected].
    I checked the user id and found that there were no users with that name "castlebery2004" and when I searched for the Item number, it came back as a "god bless you statue"! (God bless you for giving us all the details we need to run rampant with your account!!
    I have always prided myself on being very spoof conscious and am shocked at how something that I found alarming made me react!
    In the words of Hill Street Blues ...... BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!
    full time mum and very very part time crafter.

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    thanks for that Karen


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      Thanks for the heads up.

      It it just me or do the ****/spam emails really make your blood boil, I am sick of spoof ebay emails and barclays asking me to update my information I dont even have a barclays account.

      hacking and spamming should be stoning offences.
      Karisma Kandles


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        I had exactly the same email the other day - I was alerted to it being a **** by the fact that I haven't got anything for sale on ebay at the moment! They had obviously got my email details from somewhere and thought that they would try it on! I did send mine onto [email protected] and they confirmed that it was a spam email. I can't remember the email adress and I've deleted it now so I can't warn you - sorry. One quick tip that might be worth remembering is to check all messages that you get in your email through your messages section on you ebay page - I've never had a spam message through there but have had plenty to my actual email adress - I may have been lucky though.
        Just re-read this and hope it makes sense to everyone out there - if not I can clarify!
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          Thanks for sharing


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            thanks for the heads up Karen



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              The very same thing happened to me, although alarmingly it was sent to an email address that isnt associated with an ebay account (As far as I know). I did the same thing and immediately reported it to ebay, obviously fearing that someone has set up a spoof account on my email address. I have since changed that email as a further precaution but it's so frustrating when these things happen and force you to change these kind of details.

              I've always thought I am very spoof conscious too but it's true, if I hadnt immediately realised i dont have an ebay account to that address I probably would have been very shocked and just followed the steps through in an attempt to try and find out what was going on.


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                My advice is ignore all email if your email address is public.. Only read email that are not from ANY company..

                Only use 1 email address for public use and another for private/business..

                Submit to directories can cause massive amounts of spam but NOTHING in comparision to putting a email address on a web site...

                If you like someone then you can just add [email protected] to forums sig's etc..

                My 4 main account now get 280 emails a day.. With about 40-60 being "real" ..

                I have 15 + email address and most of them get 1 spam email a month!!

                Tips in regards to all email is NEVER EVER click on anything..

                DO not ever enter competitions with emails..

                Nothing much in life is free and IPOD's arn't free..

                Good luck...

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                  It's worth looking out for spoofs from Paypal too. It's happened to me twice, you get an email saying something like: 'your payment of '$400 odd' to some buyer you've never heard of - has gone through. Both times it claims I've bought a TV!
                  The first time it happened it really freaked me out but fortunatly I remembered to log into my paypal account and not to click on the link in the mail. I also called my credit card company to check too - but it was all fine.
                  It is horrid though - the way these things make your heart jump when you read them!
                  Try a new way every day and work becomes play!


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                    i've just rememebered something, if you want to check that an email is from ebay, log in to ebay, if they've sent you anything it'll say you've got a message

                    ebay now sends everything to your email address and ebay messages



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                      Almost all do that now thank god..

                      I just tried to paste an example but my firefalls started blocking these forums.. ops..

                      Had to delete..

                      Basically login into your accounts to check but always via the address bar.. Never from google/or email etc..

                      4 yrs ago I remeber openning a attachment from a email that 5hrs later had sent 12,000 emails from my outlook ..

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                        Thanks for the warning

                        The lengths some people will go is astounding.
                        Will be keeping my beady eyes open


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                          Originally posted by KarismaKandles View Post

                          Thanks for the heads up.

                          It it just me or do the ****/spam emails really make your blood boil, I am sick of spoof ebay emails and barclays asking me to update my information I dont even have a barclays account.

                          hacking and spamming should be stoning offences.
                          i really like the idea of that it makes you wonder where these poeple find the nerve to do it and why they would want to we are just in the process of starting to sell over ebay so thank you for the warning and hope your account is now safe
                          just remember my hubby uses spamcop you give them your emails and they report it to the spammers isp and the idea is if enough people do it they can stop spamming addresses quicker
                          pm me for link as can't add them yet as haven't done enough posts yet
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                            Also...VERY IMPORTANT!

                            If you do, perchance, open any of these spoof emails from purporting to be from either PayPal or eBay...

                            RUN A THOROUGH VIRUS SCAN IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!

                            Change your passwords for absolutely everywhere you go that requires passwords. Some of these emails contain 'key-logger' bugs that can track your passwords!

                            There is also another spoof from PayPal floating about that looks like a survey, for which you can get $20 if you complete it. This spoof looks very professional, until you get to the bit where they ask for your bank details and PIN number!

                            Be warned, be aware, be safe!

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                              I have installed the latest version of Opera browser. There is an auto check if the site I have in front is phishing.

                              Thanks for your learnings and experience.