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Who else hates their job!!?

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  • Who else hates their job!!?

    Hi people
    I'm new on here but have been making candles for a while now. I hate my job with a passion and really want to leave! I thought it would be awesome if I could set up a shop selling my candles. But it would be costly to do it alone and plus it wouldn't reach a wide enough audience I don't think. I was wondering if there was anyone in the Cornwall area who might want to join forces? Or if not Cornwall, how about Lancashire area as I am originally from there. Anyways let me know people. Thanks x
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    hello and welcome cant help you on the job front as im to far away and dont work anyway but you never know someone might be interested
    Jan xx


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      Sorry to hear you feel like that too! I hate my job but sadly I'm very far away from you -in Brum! I'm just trying to sell my stuff and hoping for the best. I wish you all the luck in the world and hope that you get out of your job.


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        Hi and welcome

        I understand exactly how you feel and if I had the chance to move to Cornwall I would be there in a flash, we try to go there as much as we can. You live a beautiful part of the country.


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          Awww I have every sympathy for you. I used to be in a very pressurised job and hated it with a passion - mind you as a frustrated crafter I think I'd have hated going to work whatever the job was - and after a lot of thought (and arguments with my DH) I decided to leave work for good, and 2 years later we moved from a busy Herts town to this quiet and beautiful island to run a B&B and crafts outlet, and we've never looked back (although I spend far more on stash than I ever make back on my crafts! <--- me, champion stash buyer! )

          I wish you all the best in whatever you decide to do, I hope it all works out for you.

          lorry x


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            I know the feeling well, I was brought up in St Ives and wish time and again that I had made more stuff while I was there. I am in central Scotland now and although there are many more people, the craft fairs and shops are few and far between, unless you count Hobby Craft which is sooo overpriced it is an abomination!!!

            Drop me a PM and let me know where in Cornwall you are and if you do get something started I would love know how you get on. Happy to helpif I can from this far afield.



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              I know how you feel, I quit my cruddy job last year, but thats a whole different thread.
              I hope you can do the job you dream of one day.


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                I hate my job too!

                I hate my job too. It such a boring office job and I just wish I was at my work bench right now...have just come out of uni and trying to pay off my loan and overdraft.. I just daydream off a time where I hve my own little gallery and workshop....


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                  your not alone!

                  I am in exactly the same situation, i would love to set up shop/workshop and work for myself, it would be my dream job! - i live in manchester and would love to be near the beach and have a shop but unfortunatly the finacnces wont stretch that far - i work to live and it aint for me!
                  but we keep plodding on!
                  do you have a website with your work on? - how do you get on selling your stuff?

                  thanks rach xxx
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                    I hate my job too! really really hate it! But i cant help on the shop front either. sorry.

                    welcome to the forum tho, rant away about your job, i'll join in too! lol.


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                      I used to hate my job too, I eventually had to leave, due to ill health but it was the best thing that ever happened to me! My OH is sooo supportive and I'm really starting to build up my business.

                      I'd love to open a shop with you but, sadly, I live too far away and don't have the resources! Wouldn't it be great if, through the forum, we could form a co-operative, opening craft shops in different areas of the country? Ah well, we can all dream

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                        LOL at this thread! We crafters all think alike when it comes to day to day work

                        I'd give anything to be able to afford to leave my job and concentrate on my crafts full time, but unless my premium bond wins the jackpot, I'm stuck in rut I hate it when my mother emails me at work telling me about her latest project (she took early retirement last year) because then I'm itching to get home and start something. Perhaps one day it will all change but with a mortgage to pay I guess I've got to be content with my crafts as a hobby.


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                          hi cathy

                          just read your message cathy & totally empathise with you, i would love to join forces with other crafters but i'm a northerner living in gloucester! who knows all you have to do is believe & good things happen.. angie


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                            I sympathise with you, I'm really not happy in my job either. I found out before christmas that some people that work in the same job as i do could cut their hours for family reasons. I decided that i would give it a go so that i could spend more time being arty and crafty. So since christmas ive cut down to 4 days a week. Ive found its helped me to channel myself and be focused and not hate my other working life as much. Mind i could have picked a better time to cut my hours, what with the credit crunch! But now i have time to do fairs and make stuff to sell so in theory i should eventually get some money rolling in.

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                              By the way, id love to set up a little shop to sell crafty stuff too, but at the min its not gonna happen. good luck with your little venture.

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