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  • Craft for the elderly

    I run an open house activity for mainly elderly people in our local area. Both men and women attend and I try to keep a wide variety of activities available for them. Can anyone recommend craft activities that appeal to both men and women that are easy to set up?

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    I`m not sure I can help as I`m presuming many elderly people have issues with the hands and sight.

    Perhaps card making might be an idea using ready made toppers from kits or something so there would be no cutting involved.

    Perhaps even card making using a computer????

    My Grandad was in the Navy, he got into macrame in later life as it incorporated the knotting skills he learnt in the Navy. He was also very good at darning! Knitting was always a favourite with my Grandma and her elderly friends.

    I`m sure someone with better ideas will be here shortly!


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      I was going to suggest cards too!
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        My friend works with the elderly and was the art co-ordinator where she worked previously...I remember she made things with the residents which they then sold at the summer fair for instance to raise funds for social events for them...such a making bracelets for children (just threading beads)...making bookmarks and paper weights with pressed flowers...but also just for enjoyment sketching something like a bowl of fruit or can buy some really nice craft kits too to make with them...also she contacted local artists to come in and work on a project with the residents...they did a clay project which is now on the wall in the reception area. Hope something of that is useful
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          Card making is good providing the equipment is easy to use, e.g. some elderly people have trouble with wrist strength and some punches are quite difficult to use if you don't have strong hands, same applies to craft knives and eyelet setters.
          Ready made toppers are a good place to start as they simply need sticking on to a card but when people get more experienced they want to create the whole thing themselves by learning new techniques.
          Items like gift boxes made from card are easy to make from templates and can be decorated with paper, ribbons, rubber stamp designs and so on and be used for jewellery, sweets, small teddy bears etc.


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            Eggcraft always seems to be popular with, shall we say, the 'older demographic'.

            Some of it does involve a lot of cutting and fiddley bits - but you can make some fab designs with no cutting at all - just good old painting and sticking lol!

            Try a google search for 'eggcraft beginners kits' or something for some inspiration - see whats out there. Even something as simple as painting the egg, putting on a transfer, sealing, and sticking on a stand can look nice, and super easy.


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              Papier Mache

              I have a friend who teaches crafts to the elderly, she demonstates making bowls and beads in papier mache and I believe the class is popular.
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                Even though my grandma's vision wasn't great at 85, she was still knitting socks and scarves for all her grandchieldren. I think it all depends on what you love doing...


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                  You need Sugarbeans, have not seen her on here for a while but she writes a crafting blog for senior citizens... I expect if you searched on here for her, you might be able to find it



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                    'The elderly' covers a very wide age range, and an even wider range of ability, interest and talent.

                    I think it is somewhat condescending to think they can be lumped together in an amorphous mass and given 'suitable activities'.


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                      Yes I agree with eena, I teach arts and crafts and some of my students are extremely elderly, they've tried all sorts of arts and crafts sometime's one of two of them require a bit of help. (Some of the classes I teach are very mixed age and ability btw)
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