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Arnt we lucky?

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  • Arnt we lucky?

    Do you think what we do is relatively cheap, money wise?

    I was thinking the other day Im glad I like a hobby that can only cost a few pence or a few pounds at a time.

    In comparison to a car hobby or computers it could cost quite alot.

    I know some people need to spend quite a bit due to their craft businesses as a main source of income, which is fair enough but I think we have chosen well.

    Arnt we lucky.

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    absolutely agree with you especially as i pick up a lot of beads from charity shops to reuse
    unfortunately my other hobby, knitting, isnt quite so cheap as yarn can be expensive. thank god for ebay


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      Yep, I can see how knitting could get expensive, but just think about the usuable product you have made at the end of it, baby booties, jumpers, all very practical and needed.

      At one point Id bought so many 40's/50's ab beaded necklaces form charity shops(coz I looove ab beads) I decided to cut one of them up and use the beads.

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        Hi. I agree. It's great what you can make with a few pence and a bit of imagination. I was always happy with what I made, but you know what makes it even better? Is when you show what you've made to a friend and they love it too. It just shows you must be doing something right!

        I love making my jewellery, whether it's for pence or pounds - it's always worth it!

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