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    Hi all,
    In the past i have ventured deep into different crafts but have not found one i sit well with! My mum is making cards like a locomotive but i just cant think of a new craft to indulge myself in!
    Any ideas?

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    out of all the crafts you tried, was there one in particualr you liked more, maybe you can expand on that craft and try new things.

    If not, just have a little time and sit and think about what you really enjoy, whether its visual, textural, smell! You could then encorporate this into a craft

    Also think about what you want to get out of it, is it for fun, or would you like to set up a business. If its a business then what you choose as your craft is all important. There are alot of crafters about. take something and make it yours.

    Theres so much to choose from.

    glass work

    I think its good to try different things to see what works for you.


    Sometimes what we say is not what we mean & what we mean is not what we say - that's why I paint!

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      Oooh a kindred spirit. I remember my first posts on here were saying exactly the same thing. And to some extent I'm still as bad. I love making things from fabric, especially dolls, but also clay and glass. I really fancy using PMC at some point. I've made a few cards. It goes on...

      But it's not a bad thing - that's what I've learnt more than anything from this forum. If you look at people's blogs, etsy shops and so on, most of them have several strings to their bow and just use them all. Hope she won't mind me using her but swirly's a good example. She makes her fabric chickens, she makes cards, she makes jewellery, all sorts!!

      Like sweet says, perhaps you could narrow it down by choosing materials or techniques you like to work with and take it from there.[email protected]/


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        i have tried out most crafts just trying beading and atcs i love doing a variety of things and do what i feel like doing at the moment you can get a lot of inspiration from looking at other members sites i dont sell mine so i am free to do what i please cards has been my thing for a while but then started scrapbooking which i enjoy made 6 so far more to come made my best friend a scrapbook for her 50th which made her cry so i enjoy making things for others but there only so many cards i need so thats why i think a variety of crafts works for me
        Jan xx


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          Like you I've tried a number of crafts including cross stitching, embroidery, beadwork and card making. I stumbled across bear making when I noticed the artist bear section on ebay and instantly became hooked. I felt 'at home' making bears (if that makes sense!!).

          I think the advice offered so far is excellent. This forum is such a fantastic place to start as there's so many different crafts to choose from and plenty of very friendly crafters here who are willing to give you any advice you need on starting a new venture.

          Good luck in finding a craft which suits you and above all just have fun trying them all out

          Teddy bears don't need hearts as they're already stuffed with love!!


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            Just keep trying everything and something will hit home. i make dolls but I love it because it incorporates everything.....


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              to list the lot,
              Soap making
              Sculptures(little fimo cake memo holders)
              T-shirt designing and making
              lol lots and lots!!

              I don't really want to make cards boring! lol no offence!
              I love calligrapghy and stuuf like that, i also love wood!!


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                Hi 06cal23,

                If you intend to sell your crafted items then the main thing I would suggest is to be different!

                I'm sure the right craft will find you eventually. It will be the one you get most satisfaction out of. But whatever it is, if you can add a little twist that makes them 'yours' it will help you stand out in the crowd ...and make your items more desirable.

                Good luck!

                Fair Do

                Fair Do's!


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                  oh i have also tried t-shirt designing , i found this the most enjoyable but got quite bored with just printing my design and ironing on to a t-shirt , is there anyway i can make this more *Enjoyable*(but still sellable)?


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                    Originally posted by 06cal23 View Post

                    I love calligrapghy and stuuf like that, i also love wood!!
                    Maybe you can combine the two? Add calligraphy onto the wood, i dont know too much about caligraphy other than it looks really beautiful!. I'm sure you could come up with some really interesting and beautiful ideas. do a googe search and see what comes up.



                    Sometimes what we say is not what we mean & what we mean is not what we say - that's why I paint!

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                      I am a very fickle crafter and I flit from one craft to another all of the tima and I only have countless things on the go. Just keep on trying new things as already mentioned you'll soon find your niche or niches
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                        thank you all for your support, at the moment i cant really go anywhere but if you like i could put a few pics of my t-shirts on here?