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pictures of my first necklace

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  • pictures of my first necklace

    just added photos to my blog of my grandaughter wearing her fairy pendant and bracelet and of my first attempt at making a necklace and earings for myself
    Jan xx

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    Your necklace is lovely, what did you make it from, those red beads are gorgeous

    Can't quite make out the fairy pendant but the little girl looks like she loves it!


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      Both gorgeous!
      With love
      xx pixiedoodles


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        Nice one!

        OOoooh that's lovely, you'll be a pro beader in no time!
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          my daughter brought me a cheap beadmaking kit from studio cards so i could try it out to see if i liked it theres a better picture of the fairy pendant further down the page on my blog and yes she loved it wanted to wear it for bed and then it was the first thing she wanted the next morning i will definately be making more but im going to buy a book on beading first to give me tips
          Jan xx


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            They are gorgeous Jan!! Your Grandaughter looks pleased with the pendant, it is very pretty!! Lovely necklace and earings too. Love your Craft Room - I WANT ONE! Sue XX


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              They are great Jan, well done. Your little granddaughter is real sweet. My first grandchild is on his/her way , due in August to my stepson and his wife. Can't wait, I'm all excited!


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                thanks my craftroom is a mess needs a good clear out i was really excited when we were expecting our first grandchild i was at the birth of my last one its was beautiful but i was glad i wasnt on the other end grandchildren are special because you can spoil them and give them back
                Jan xx



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                  They're lovely Jan! Well done

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                    Well done . I'm sure your grandaughter thinks she has the coolest gran on the planet who can make her fairy necklaces.

                    Oh and by the way likes "Freddie"


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                      Theyre all beautiful Jan, pendant, necklace, earrings, your little granddaughter

                      Oh but I did jump when the music suddenly started playing on your Blog!

                      Shaz x
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                        sorry about that it did the same to me and woke hubby up who was snoozing on the sofa next to me
                        Jan xx



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                          Well done Jan, you like you have been beading for ages, I'd love a craft room like that, I have to make do with the conservatory lol.

                          Keep up the good work

                          Kim xx



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                            Thats real cute...and oh my word those paintings are also stunning!!! Wish I could paint...stick people is my limit LOL
                            She was not quite what you would call refined.
                            She was not quite what you would call unrefined.
                            She was the kind of person that keeps a parrot.


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                              thanks not good at animals and people like to try oil painting but im not patient and you have to wait for layers to dry
                              Jan xx