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    Thank you for the encoragement about the art course. The course doesn't start till June but I'm going to enrole and give it a go.
    My brother has sugested that I set my self a sketch book project to ease myself into it again. I think the thought of actualy creating a finished piece of work scares the heck out of me.
    So ideas please for project titles, can be as abstract or mundane as you like and I'll pick one out of a hat.
    Ooh feels like I'm back at college already!

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    Art Project Ideas

    Glad to hear it!

    I will just give you a couple that I remember from my time on a Fine Art course.....

    1. It may sound boring but scatter some mundane objects like a white sheet, coal, rice and spaghetti (separate sessions) and try and 'draw' them. Use any material/media you like, you'll be surprised how much it will test your observational skills and imagination!! I hated this idea at first, but we all turned out some really interesting objects in the end.

    2. Choose 3 random dates from the year, research them and make some images based on the research. For example, one of my dates turned out to be the day Tutankamun the Egyptian King's tomb was discovered, so you can imagine the interesting stuff you can produce with that for inspiration!

    3. The classic 'Human Condition' project.......I'll leave this with you!

    4. Opposites attract ie light and shade, big and small etc...

    Anyway, hope these aren't too wacky for you!!

    Good luck, it make me want to get my paint box out again!!

    Marie x
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      I miss those days of art classes, you are so lucky. To get me in the arty mood I usually just find a few random and interesting objects around the house and put them together and draw/paint/collage them.

      You can also cut out a square from cardboard and use it as a viewer to focus on one section of a scene, its interesting what you can observe from focussing on a small area.

      Also, the most inspiring thing is to collect all my favourite art materials in a box and then I know they are there for when I have a spontaneous artistic moment!

      I remember we had a project called 'juxtaposition' at college which was rather interesting.

      Hope this helps!