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Diabetic cooking - a diabetic avocado !

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  • Diabetic cooking - a diabetic avocado !

    I love avocados in cooking, but as a diabetic I´ve been cautious about their high fat content. I’ve just readthis in an ex pat online magazine herein Spain, where I live, so perhaps I needn´t worry in future! :

    A SPANISH companyclaims to have created a 'diet avocado' – lower in fat, faster to ripen and slower to go off.
    Although full of health benefits, avocados should be eaten in moderation by anyone closely watching their weight – even though the high fat content is largely non-saturated and is therefore associated with speeding up metabolism and aiding digestion.
    But according to the firm Isla Bonita, its new Avocado Light has 30% less fat than the traditional variety.
    According to the company's advertising blurb, they grow the salad fruit in carefully-doctored and monitored climate and soil conditions to 'preserve the nutritional benefits', meaning they have just as many vitamins, minerals and other health-giving features as 'traditional' avocados.
    They taste the same and their pulp is just as soft and buttery as 'mainstream' avocados, IslaBonita says.
    It will be officially launched at a Madrid-based food trade fair later on in October.
    Highly-nutritious and full of vitamin E – the 'anti-ageing' mineral – avocados have become more than just the base ingredient in guacamole in the last few years.
    But a whole one contains about 330 calories and between 20 and 30 grams of fat, so dieticians recommend that anyone who is concerned about their weight or cholesterol levels should restrict themselves to a maximum of half an avocado a day.
    This said, inSpain, very small ones the size of a lemon are often on sale in markets and supermarkets, meaning a whole one a day is less than the recommended maximum and less likely to cause weight gain.
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      Thanks for information


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