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Sushi has a very interesting origin

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  • Sushi has a very interesting origin

    Sushi has a very interesting origin that has lasted for centuries and continues to be a very popular food today. sushi is made with a combination of shellfish, cooked or raw fish, vegetables, and seasoned rice. although sushi is most commonly linked to the japanese heritage, it actually began in china during the 7th century.
    in the 1800s, a famous chef by the name of yohei was planning a large dinner party. finding that he had not set out enough fish to serve his guests, he took a piece of fish from the freezer that had not been fermented and decided to take his chances in serving it. what he found was that frozen fish actually retained their flavor and any bacterium was killed. from this discovery, yohei created two styles of sushi —one called edo, and the second, osaka, for the city.
    Sushi has taken the world by storm and today is a multi-billion dollar industry. the popularity of sushi continues to rise in that people are looking for healthy food that is quick and easy to make.
    With such incredible popularity as well as the health benefits of eating sushi, it is likely that this food will continue to be a part of everyday life for many more centuries to come.

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    Thanks for the information. This is really an interesting story, I always thought that sushi is Japanese food.