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  • Using Fruit Creatively

    I have been making different ice lollies using fresh mango, strawberries and tinned pineapple. Mango and pineapple is one of my favourite flavours. I like to add the strawberries to the pineapple and mango blend as it gives scope to use a little creativity and it is nice to have a contrasting colour and flavour. With a slight raise in temperature this weekend I thought I’d share. - quick and easy recipes

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    And to think... I have never clicked on your website link before... I am off for a long look at the fruit bowl
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      If you are making your own home-made fruit ice lollies make sure the fruit you use is ripe for optimum colour, flavour and sweetness. An unripe fruit can spoil an otherwise tasty ice lolly! This is one of the reasons I use the tinned pineapple it's sometimes quite tricky getting the fruit you want to use ripe at the same time. - quick and easy recipes


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        Wow they look absolutely yummy! I'd love to try one

        Oh I've just been looking at your website and can't wait to make some lollies, my son only eats grapes so it would be brilliant to improve his fruit intake.
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          They look delicious - off to find an ice lolly in the freezer. Not nearly as nice as yours though
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            I make ice lollies for bbqs - I add prosecco to a load of cut up fruit - lovely on a hot Summers day

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              Thank you for all your comments. Our children used to enjoy putting the fruit mixture in the ice lollies moulds. Once you know how easy it is to get two different colours/flavours from one recipe there are lots of different ice lollies you can make. Our children made the ice lollies in the link below by simply spooning in the different coloured purees and creating a marble effect. They were always very pleased with the results. There is always that element of surprise before you take them out of the mould as you never quite know how they are going to turn out.


              I had to check what prosecco was. My mind was doing overtime it sounded a little like the sauce used on paste but that didn’t make sense. It makes perfect sense now I know it’s a wine. I have heard of people using grape juice like you use the prosecco, though I've never tried it myself.
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                I have ice lolly moulds i bought in the winter in a sale that i haven't got round to using yet. I will have to find space in the freezer for them now!
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                  Once you get in the swing of making the ice lollies it can be slightly addictive! There is always another fruit combination to try out or a pattern to be experimented with. I am in the process of making different fruit ice lollies with the mango, pineapple and strawberry fruit combination ready for my facebook page and every time I think there can't be any more another pattern idea pops into my head!
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                    Ooo they look v similar to fruit pastille ice lollies! They were always my favourite when I was a kid!