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Frozen fruit to make jam

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  • Frozen fruit to make jam

    Our raspberries produced a very poor crop this year and I wondered if making jam from frozen fruit would be good alternative. Has anyone made jam with frozen fruit before? I usually take some homemade raspberry jam when I go and visit my parents and thought this might be a good alternative as it is cheaper than bought fresh fruit. - quick and easy recipes

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    Yes you can just put in slightly less water than the recipes asks for as easier to add than take away. As remember the fruit being frozen will contain more water.


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      I've often made apple and blackberry jam with frozen blackberries (we seem to have a huge harvest most years), and this morning I have made gooseberry & elderflower jam not only with frozen gooseberries, but with frozen elderflower cordial (home made and keeps fine in the freezer).



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        Thank you both for your quick replies. I'll try it and see what happens. I'll just have to check out my jam jar supply. I usually make blackberry and apple jelly later on in the year. The gooseberry and elderflower jam sounds nice. I've got some tiny gooseberry bushes so if they start producing I might try and make some gooseberry jam. - quick and easy recipes


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          I made some jam last year with frozen gooseberries and blackcurrants and it turned out fine.



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            I usually only make raspberry jam and blackberry & apple jelly. I get the raspberries from the garden, the wild blackberries I pick locally and I've got a small apple tree. I'll have to check the frozen fruit out at the supermarket. It would be great to make different jams for Christmas!
   - quick and easy recipes


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              Yeah as long as you don't add as much water your jam will be fine and I'm sure it'll taste delicious


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                Of course, it is possible, but it is better to use fresh fruits as they have more vitamins than frozen ones.


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                  Originally posted by Brenda555 View Post
                  Of course, it is possible, but it is better to use fresh fruits as they have more vitamins than frozen ones.
                  That's actually a myth as frozen produce often contains more vitamins than fresh. That said, I would imagine that there won't be many vitamins left regardless of whether the fruit is fresh or frozen after boiling the fruit to make jam!
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                    Originally posted by HowardWow1997
                    I always replace fresh fruit, it is more practical. I make drinks, pie, and jam
                    And of course, lovely tinned pressed meat products...


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