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Do you love making unique food?

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  • Do you love making unique food?

    Hi all - so excited to have found this forum, will certainly be spending a LOT of time here Really hope we're not violating and forum guidelines by this post, please feel free to let us know if we do.

    We've recently launched a marketplace for independent food producers called Yumbles and we'd love to hear from any talented, independent food producers here!

    Our mission is to champion independent food producers and bring their products to the general public in the UK. We're constantly blown away by the amazing food products we come across from independent producers and we feel that they really deserve a lot more exposure (and sales!).

    We would love to hear your feedback so drop by, even if it's just to say hi and give us some feedback - we'd really love to hear from you.

    Love to all from Yumbles HQ
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    Kids love fun and tasty foods and parents want to feed their kids nutritious foods. With some creativity, the whole family can go green and love it.
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      I do! In fact, if I'm not working, I prepare all sorts of dishes for my family.
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        yes i love it


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          It's actually my hobby to make unique food. Just today cooked amazing lazy pie. Personally, I plan out my meals for the week on Sunday and do all the prep and cooking that day. It might take an hour or two on the weekend, but I've found it has made life a whole lot easier and much more pleasant.
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            Of course I do! It's my secret passion
            My husband likes asian food a lot, so I'm trying to make him something exotic or unusual (at least two times a week) - it involves a looooot of spices.
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              Yes, I like cooking unique food.Because I love cooking.


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                I love cooking a lot, plus when I do it for family members or friends I really enjoy the whole process starting from selecting products to delivering hot food to the table. Lately I am learning how to cook Spanish food.
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                  I must try always unique foods and try for other peoples...

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