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Jam - A new adventure

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  • Jam - A new adventure

    I just had to tell someone as i am very excited about my first attempt at jam making. Two jars cooling one strawberry, one raspberry.

    All indications are that they are delicious and I am going to get home from work early tomorrow so that I can make some scones to try them out properly.

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    Very exciting. I made plum jam when we had a glut of plums on our tree and it was lovely. Plum chutney was rather good too, and plum sauce for stir fries. We had a lot of plums!!!

    Enjoy your scones and jam!
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      I'm hoping to have a go at chutney once I am a bit more confident. I love a bit with crumbly Lancashire cheese, oh I'm getting a bit peckish now !


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        Hopefully I will get around to making jam this year! We have an allotment and last year was our first year. The raspberry "crop" would have struggled to fill one jam jar
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          Wish we could have a taste too!!
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            Congrates on your first jars of jam

            I make jams most years due to having a small orchard and large gardens. I make chutneys as well however I don't eat them. Homemade pickled onions and beetroot yum yum from my veggie garden
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              That's sounds great and once you taste it - you won't be able stop making them. Such a difference from shop bought.

              If you are already into jam making, now is the perfect (and only) time to get seville oranges for making fantastic marmalade. Greengrosers might have them and definitelly Sainsburries or ther supermarkets if you can't get them locally.
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                Sounds yummy. My mouth is watering I love strawberry jam. My mom makes really tasty jam using berries from her garden.
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                  Well done on the jam making, that's my mission this year to make some from the produce of my allotment.


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                    I think there is no industry jam that can beat homemade one. I usually make plum jam (without sugar) and apricot. Where do you live, as jam season hasn't been started yet here in Croatia - fruit is too expensive now or not such a good quality to make jam, we are waiting for late spring, summer and autumn.


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                      I've bought the strawberries from the local market though they are not in season here really. The raspberries I use were actual frozen ones that I hadn't got around to eating. I must confess the raspberry is my favourite cos I like the little tartness.

                      The bonus is that my Son now keeps making Mary Berry Very Best Scones and insisting that I buy clotted cream so it's been cream teas all the way !

                      Now marmalade sounds good............