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  • Turkish Delight

    Today she plunges ever onward through the fog of candy making - strawberry flavored Turkish Delight!

    Also chocolate crinkles.

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    You are busy! Can I come to yours for Christmas?
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      Wow.. you'll be opening your own candy store soon!

      Sounds yummy though.
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        mmm Strawberry turkish delight sounds nice xx


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          Mmmmm can I order some pistacio and some mint please LOL

          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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            I see none of you extremely kind people have asked if it turned out alright...bless your hearts!

            Well, no. It didn't. It was too hard. Soooo, strawberry flavored hard candy.

            But i think i may understand some of the difficulty I'm having. My thermometer is made for a much deeper pot or deeper syrup mixutre. I've held the tip of it in the mixture, thinking that was good enough, but apparently that does not give an accurate reading. When I was heating the TD mixture, I started spooning some of it up higher on the thermometer spike, and lo and behold, it had a much higher reading (this time, at least). So I've not been getting an accurate reading. I was using the thermometer so I would...rather than depend on the drip test. Drat!!

            Well, lesson learned, and i have an entire year to get it down right. Next out! Plates of gorgeous candy for all!!!
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              Never mind think of all those calories you have saved yourself!!! I am sure you still had fun trying to create all your yummy sounding treats and I have enjoyed reading about all your cooking adventures. i am sure next year they will be just right. Have a great christmas.