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    Has anyone got a good recipe for peppermint creams? I've made up a couple of batches one with beaten egg white and one without. The one with the egg white was definitely better but I would like them to taste a bit creamier and I don't know what other ingredient I could add. Anyone got any ideas please?

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    I made these.Very yummy.

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      I would suggest that you make peppermint creams using cooked fondant icing. You can get acceptable results using Tate and Lyle's powdered fondant icing sugar, where you just add water. However homemade fondant icing is far superior having a sublime smooth texture - very much like the soft centres of commercially made chocolate covered sweets. (Roses, Quality Street etc)

      Don't confuse fondant icing with sugarpaste. Fondant icing is NOT the same as ready to roll icing. Fondant icing is made by melting sugar and glucose syrup or cream of tartar in water then boiling to a required temperature. You can pour it onto an oiled marble slab (But I cheat and just put the hot mixture into the metal bowl of my Kenwood chef mixer) then you work the mixture until it turns white and opaque. When it becomes hard you knead small pieces until smooth. You can then store the fondant in several layers of polythene. Once made the fondant is easy to flavour and shape. To make a runnier consistency say for a filling for homemade chocolates, you add a little stock syrup (equal quantities of water and sugar dissolved then boiled for a few minutes and allowed to cool).

      Here's a recipe I found online for cooked fondant. I use the recipe in my Mrs Beeton's cookbook but I think it's largely the same.

      The one thing I would suggest is to make more mixture than you think you'll need. Because I find that the amount in the recipe never seems to be enough!
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        That's brilliant, thank you both. I will try both recipes. Making the fondant icing sounds complicated but if it works I'm ready to give it a try.